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Augusta National par five 13th holeAugusta National par five 13th green (courtesy Brian Morgan):  
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Pebble Beach 18th green
Old Course St Andrews slide show
Caddy Mark Huber with Jack Nicklaus

This week's 2014 Masters Tournament was the result of the triumvirate of Robert Tyre 'Bobby' Jones, Clifford Roberts, and golf course architect Alister MacKenzie beginning in 1934.  Since 1940 The Masters has become an annual 'right of spring' played in the first week of April every year.Jones had retired from tournament golf after completing the Impregnable Quadrilateral - the winning of all four major championships of his time all in the same year.  In 1930 Bobby Jones won the U.S. Open and Amateur, and British Open and Amateur making him an American sports hero and the most famous amateur golfer of all time. Upon retiring to a law firm in Atlanta, Jones and businessman Roberts hired Alister MacKenzie to create what is now the Augusta National Golf Club host course to The Masters.  The golf course has gone through several changes over the years but most dramatically in the past five years with the evolution of players like Tiger Woods, golf ball technology, and golf equipment in general.   .............

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'2014 Masters: Thursday - Friday Pairings and Tee Times':

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Muirfield 18th hole
Whistling Straits 18th hole view
Indoor putting greens
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