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Here are some more great digital pictures of the famed Pebble Beach Golf links, home to the PGA Tours annual AT and T Pebble Beach Celebrity Pro Am tournament.  The first shot is of Pebble Beach itself and for which this famous links golf course is so aptly named.   Picture two (top to bottom) is a side view shot of the short par 3, 7th hole.  Pictures 3, 4, 5, and 6, that follow are of the long par 4, 9th hole (and who's fairway is also visible in the distance upper middle right of first photo below)  

Pebble Beach  fronts along the right side of the 9th and 10th holes and continues on down the coast south of the golf course.  As you walk along side it and play, this great panoramic comes into view there.  The site of the crashing waves curling over, along with their accompanying spray of salt and sea mist, you  become pleasantly distracted to the task at hand.  (That of trying to shoot a good golf score!)

This is the continuation of the 'outward half' of this true 'links' golf course.  Links designs got their names originating in Scotland the home of golf.  In order for a golf course to qualify as a true 'links' design, it must have one nine, or outward half, going in a direction away from the first hole to the ninth, and the second nine, or 'inward half' coming back, in a 'linked' fashion.  

The other criteria which qualifies a true 'links' is that one nine, or the other must have a number of those golf holes along the sea preferably, or a body of water.  This is how the golf courses were originally designed where the game of golf had it's early inception, namely in the home of golf -Scotland!

This is the first of four pictures depicting the long 462 yard par 4 nine hole at the Pebble Beach golf links.  This shot is of the foreword view as players are approaching their golf balls off their drives.  It's 245 yards to the bunker on the left in pix and 265 yards past it.  The tee shot must be aimed just inside that bunker on the left as the fairway slopes severely to the right in the landing area, and will often 'kick' the ball down and ending up in the right rough.  

You'll often have second shots to this green and the 10th in the distance in this pix ahead as well with the golf ball positioned below your feet.  And with trouble and ocean right, you'll have to guard against slicing the ball right on both of these holes.

You can see the opening to the green is to the right, if you can't carry the deep  bunker in front of the green.  (See last pix)

Here's a view from down into the green of the 9th hole from the second shot view and fairway bunker.  (In the picture left) and the ocean and Pebble Beach to the right in this picture.  In the distance you can see the 10th green.

Having the Pacific Oceanalong side this 'outward half' of holes can make them play dramatically different depending on the wind and weather -(As at many British Open links style of golf courses)

Pebble Beach links can be docile and very 'score-able' at times, but when the sea churns up and that cold wind starts blowing and the rain comes in, the 'shot values' go up dramatically, and you're lucky to shoot par golf.

Here's a view in the right rough here off the tee shot view of the par four 9th hole. The area to the right here used to be the old original 9th fairway when the course was first built in the 1920's.  This is now an area that is virtually out of play with today's fairway to the left of view in this pix. 

Over the years, the natural erosion caused by sea and storm  made them move the fairway to where it now is.  (That's the reason for the sea wall in the pix of the famed Par 5, 18th 'Featured Hole', at the Pebble Beach links)

Again, you see the cliffing down to the beach and the view down to the south where Pebble Beach itself continues on down and out of view. 

Here's a closer view of the 9th green taken from above and behind.
The 9th green is only 24 yards deep and sloping from left back to right front and down towards the ocean.  

You often have a downhill or 'ball below your feet' lie on you second shot into a narrow right front opening guarded by this deep bunker in the front left of the green, and the ocean to the right.  

Should you 'pull' your second shot to the left to guard against these hazards, you often end up in this small canyon in the left foreground of the picture, or worse yet up on that embankment in the deep rough, with a tough third recovery shot.

Like the 8th hole, and depending on the conditions, this too is a par hole every day with birdies possible with good plays in good conditions.  It can be really difficult if you play here in the AT and T on the third day, and have to begin your round on #10 and finish here in a gale, needing to make a par to make the cut!

Here's an added Bonus view of the short downhill 106 yard par 3, 7th hole at the Pebble Beach golf links.  The teeing area is up and to the right (out of this picture).  This hole can be a lamb with a short pitching or sand wedge and very 'score able' birdie hole, and can be a 'lion' when playing into a hard gale.  

Eddie Merrins (the 'little pro') once made a hole in one here with a 3 iron during a Crosby past.  And during the U.S. Open in 1992 it blew so hard the last day when Tom Kite won, he had to hit a four iron and pulled it to the area where the bench is on the 8th tee in the pix right.

Kite then miraculously holed out his second shot from there in that gale for a 2 and went on to win the golf tournament!

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