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Welcome to our 'Featured Hole of The Week' from the AT and T Pebble Beach Pro Am golf tournament on the PGA Tour.  Our 'Featured Hole' is the famed 543 yard par 5  eighteenth, finishing hole from the Pebble Beach Golf Links.  The AT and T Pro Am golf tournament, (originally known as 'The Crosby'), is being played on the Pebble Beach, Poppy Hills, and Spyglass Hill golf courses.  The 72 hole pro am format is comprised of one playing professional paired with an amateur partner for three days over the three courses for the first 54 holes of the tournament.  After Saturdays third round the field is then 'cut' to the low 60 professional scores and ties who will then compete in Sunday's final round at the Pebble Beach Golf links for the prize money, (along with a handful of amateurs who also make the cut.)

This first picture (
left) is of the 18th hole of Pebble Beach is from the tee shot view.   You can see how the hole wraps around the Pacific Ocean (to the right) with the tee in the far distance (far right in photo)

In the background are skybox's that surround the 17th green with the cliffs in the background bordering the par five sixth hole on the 'outward half'!

The tee shot carry is approximately a minimum of 245 yards off the tee should take a more direct route to the green or if you've 'pulled' your tee shot left over the water to reach dry land.

This tee shot was 'tightened' up a bit with the addition of a new fairway bunker in the distance (in the picture
below) for the 2003 AT and T tourney, but now the cypress trees are gone that used to be the pro's target for the tee shot.

This is the new bunkering on #18 that was added last  year (in picture
right).  There used to be two pines that were 250 and 265 yards to reach and could obscure the second shot a bit but also gave the playing professional a good target to aim and hit at.  

Now they are gone this year and in particular veterans of this tourney will have to 'work' to get a good target. (Those two 'hallmark' trees were lost to disease like the old greenside cypress and replacements will be transplanted sometime in the near future and should be back for next year's tourney.)

It's only 245 to 250 yards from the back cut of the championship tee to reach this new bunker -making it very much in play for the pros but not as difficult as last year with the trees also there.  This bunker is pretty deep and you won't see anyone going for the green in two out of it.

The old original bunkers are still there but aren't really in play anymore for the modern playing pro's.  (Right and back in the picture foreground)

When you elect to 'lay up' with your second shot on this par five finishing hole  you would do so as the player in this picture (
left) is doing, avoiding hitting it too far to the left and over the ocean wall or too long into the bunker in front of her.   It's about 135 yards the middle of the green from where she's just played it.

You can see from the red stake and hazard line in the foreground just in front of her.  The ocean is treated as a lateral hazard, with a drop of two club lengths from the point of entry with one penalty stroke incurred.

The rocks just adjacent to the sea wall -in the picture (
left) are artificial  replica's made to look natural yet perform the job intended -that of holding back the natural erosion of mother nature and the sea from ruining this old beauty of a finishing hole.

The green in the center of the pix and is once again protected by a cypress tree transplanted for the 2003 AT and T Pro Am.  (There is a parasite which has been killing the pines on the Monterey Peninsula and the old original tree had fallen victim and was noticably absent (like this year's fairway trees are) for the 2002 tourney.

Here's a better look at the new replacement (in the picture (right).  You can see the guy wires holding her in place until the transplantation process is complete and she can withstand man and storm on her own.

This view also gives you an idea of how well the 'new' cypress  blocks the entry into the green, (as did the old original).  Should you miss you second shot to the right you then have to play your third shot in from this angle.

You also get a good look at how the original old bunkering and ocean left protect the long second shot for those who try to 'go for the green' in two on this great par 5 finishing hole. 

Visible behind are the skyboxes and the large scoreboard which will keep track of the leaders of both the professional and amateur divisions of the tournament.

This great old golf hole has been host to a myriad of Crosby Clambakes and now AT and T's since 1987, as well as four U.S. Opens.  The California State Amateur is also played (only) on this great golf links each year. 

This last pix (
left) is of the 18th green looking back to the long second and third shot landing areas and tee box in the distance. You can see how this great golf hole wraps around the ocean and this hole along with the outward half of 6 through 10 qualify it as one of the original true links golf courses in America

There have been some pivotal and historic finishes here in the old Crosby as well as in the AT and T events.  Watch for a great finish again this year!

And check back in here at Caddybytes later this week for some more virtual tour thumbnail pictures of holes 13 through 17 that you may also choose from for some great enlarged original pix -for your viewing enjoyment! 

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