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Phil Morbey, is nick named and goes by 'Wobly', or 'Wobles'.  He began  caddying professionally on the European Tour in 1981 for David Jaggar.  He is most notably known as the steady caddy for Ian Woosnam over a 14 year period from 1987 up to 2001.  Wobles parted amicably with his former boss and his new player,  Jose Maria Olazabal will play more in the U.S. than would Woosie at this point in his career.  His first caddy job in the U.S. was for Ian Baker finch, in the 1985 World Series of Golf.   Among Woblys 'claims to caddy fame' are a major championship victory with his former boss Ian Woosnam in the 1991 Masters along with  6 Ryder Cup caddy appearances -three of which were victorious.  This victory at San Diego is the second for this new caddy 'team', the first one being in Hong Kong end of last year with Jose and now this win in San Diego.   

CaddyBytes.com  -Give us a quick recount of the players you've caddied for in your career?

-Began caddying in 1981 for David Jaggar.  Then caddied for Jaime Gonzales for a year, D.J. Russell, Gordon Brand Jr., Howard Clarke, Ian Baker Finch.  Led the Open at St. Andrews, had the lead on the last day when Ian shot 79 and finished tied 9th, but it was my first big taste of being 'up there'.  Then won with Baker Finch at the Swedish Open, had a couple wins with Howard Clark, then in 1987 started with Woosie, and that was his big year -had about 35 wins with Woosie up to 2001, over a 14 year period.  I also won with D.J. Russell, Mark McNulty     And now two wins with Jose, Hong Kong last year and this win at San Diego.

CaddyBytes.com -Bet Woosie wished it was you at Royal Lytham last summer the last day. 

Wobley -I didn't care for the way the press treated the whole Myles Byrne thing!  The paparazzi camped out at his parents house in Ireland the day after the final round there at Lytham.  That was awful.   I really felt badly for the guy.

CaddyBytes.com  -Pretty good play on the weekend, especially on Sunday!?

Wobley -He didn't drive the ball so well in the third round at Torrey Pines, but his iron play was magnificent from the rough.  The last day he did drive the ball well and had only 27 putts for  a 65.  Once he gets in the thing, he knows how to get it done, he has plenty of confidence, there aren't many better players than him in that situation.  From what I've seen of him in one years time.  Of course Woosie was a good front runner too!

CaddyBytes.com  -Any input from you there caddy wise down the stretch with Jose that was particularly helpful?

Wobley  -On 15 the last day he had 188 to the flag, and he was adamant it was a 7 iron,  the wind was a little in, he was over the ball with it and I told him, 'There's no chance, you can't get a 7 iron up there, you've just got to hit a normal 6.  He did and knocked it to five feet and then made the putt. 

CaddyBytes.com –You've been at this caddy business for a while.  What do you think separates the good caddies from the mediocre?

Wobley  -If you can some how save your guy a shot or two sometimes that can be the difference.  If you don't have a decent player, you can be the best caddy in the world and it won't mean anything.  So a caddy is only as good as the  player he has.  If he has the ability to execute the shots, if you can help him out.  The more you're with a guy you get to know all his moods and his mannerisms.  I think that if you did just a half decent job with a top player they're going to win some tournaments because they've got all the shots.

CaddyBytes.com -What has been the caddy highlight of your caddy career, I realize you've just won here in San Diego?

Wobley  -The Masters victory with Woosie.  There in 1991 we had a 4 shot lead after nine holes the last day and then we knocked it in the byrne on 13, and Tom Watson came back with back to back eagles on 13 and 15 and everyone was cheering for Tom.  Jose was up there too that year there.  But making a great four on the last hole to win the Masters by a shot had to be my greatest!  We also won two PGA's, (European), and two Match Play Championships.  Those and all the Ryder Cups I got to caddy in had to be my caddy high points.

CaddyBytes.com -How many Ryder Cups did you actually get to caddy in?  And how many winning Ryder Cup teams were you on?

Wobley  -I did 6.   '87', '89', '91','93', '95', '97', -Three victorious.

CaddyBytes.com -What else would you like to accomplish caddy wise in your career?

Wobley  -I'd like to be part of a major victory again with Jose!

CaddyBytes.com  -Wobles relates a humorous caddy story for us at the end of his interview, here's how it goes:

"When I first started caddying my first opportunity to caddy on the European Tour was to be with David Jagger who was also unbeknownst to me at that time, a great practical joker.  He told me that before I would be allowed to caddy on tour, I would have to pass a caddy test as all the new caddies were required to do.  So he said , 'You've got to read the rules of golf and I'm going to ask you some questions on the rules", and 'you're going to take a practical exam as well."  So he said be at the golf club at 9:00 A.M. sharp the next morning.   So I get up there for 9:00 after I've done all my yardages, stepped them all off, (this was before I had my yardage wheel and before lasers were invented.)   And he tells me then to go and get the golf bag out of the car.  So I go to get it out, lift up the bonnet and try to pick it up, and it weighs a ton.  It was so heavy that I had to put my foot on the bumper for leverage just to get it out of the car!

I'm saying to myself how am I going to get around with this thing, knowing that if I don't I'll have failed my exam.  So we're out there and we're flying around the golf course me lugging around this trunk of a bag not saying a word.   And all the way round Jags' kept saying to me, "Are you sure that bags not too heavy for you?"  I know I'd better not say anything, as I'll not get the job"  So on about the last hole he asks me again, and then lifts the bag himself and says, "Now I know for sure someone's been messing with my golf bag!"  And he proceeds to open the side pocket of the tournament bag, and out come two breeze blocks and two dozen golf balls!  

So he'd set me up like a kipper!  And that was my first taste of caddying really!  Then he asked me some questions on the rules, and I passed them.  Then he sent me a letter about a week later, saying congratulations, You've passed all of your exams and we'd like to welcome you to the European Tour!  And Of course I found out about three weeks later that the whole thing had just been a big windup!"

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