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Caddy Sense:  Revelations on Playing the Game of Golf

by Michael Carrick with Steve Duno
Other than an ability to rocket a drive consistently some 300 yards and putt with the touch of a cat burglar, about the only thing that separates the majority of us duffers from the cream of golf's crop is the wise counsel, steadying influence, and trusted partnership that comes from teaming with a Tour-quality caddie. At that level, carrying clubs is the least they do. A good tour caddie is far more psychologist, tactician, and teammate than Sherpa, and Carrick is as good as it gets; president of the Professional Tour Caddies Association, he walked beside Tom Kite for most of Kite's stellar career, including his shining U.S. Open victory in 1992 at Pebble Beach. In Caddie Sense, he shares his secrets. It's as close as most of us will ever come to having a master strategist and technician on our bag.

Filled with an equal mix of anecdotes and advice, Caddie Sense is divided into three sections. The first looks at caddie history and details a caddie's various functions before, during, and after a round. The second explores the complex and marriage-like quality of a caddie's relationship with his or her pro. Then it's off to the course for some practical instruction and guidance for how to serve as your own full-service caddie, everything from understanding your clubs, the course, the swing, and the weather to the necessity of good yardage books, realistically assessing your distances, and keeping yourself keep cool when emotions get hot. All through the journey, Carrick speeds up the pace of play--and the fun of his book--by letting us inside the ropes to eavesdrop on his own experiences with Kite. It makes for an altogether entertaining and instructional loop. --Jeff Silverman

From Library Journal
If you were writing a job description for a caddie on the PGA tour, it would include "counselor, coach, politician, statistician, meteorologist, golfer, craftsman, cheerleader, scapegoat, landscape architect... friend...[and] an enduring walking machine." Carrick has performed the job for over 20 years, 17 of them with pro golfer Tom Kite. Here he explains what a caddie does and how the caddie/player relationship works. The balance of the book is a caddie's-eye view of steps the average golfer...

Book Description
If the advice and support of a seasoned Tour caddie can help a pro win, IMAGINE WHAT IT CAN DO FOR YOU!

Hundreds of thousands of golf fanatics have learned invaluable lessons from the legendary likes of Hogan, Palmer, Nicklaus, Faldo, and Norman. Caddie Sense provides a brand new and tremendously important perspective. Here, for the first time, are intimate playing strategies used by the best of the best from the viewpoint of a PGA Tour caddie.

A PGA Tour caddie has one of the most unique jobs in all of professional sports. To the uninitiated, he or she might seem to only be responsible for toting some 40-odd pounds of golfing equipment over a rolling 7,000 yard course, handling the appropriate club to the player, then fixing the divot and cleaning the club. In fact, the job of a PGA Tour caddie involves much more than this oversimplified image suggests. A PGA Tour caddie must be counselor, coach, politician, statistician, meteorologist, golfer, craftsman, and friend, all wrapped up into an enduring walking machine. Denied of such a trusted wisdom and support, PGA Tour pros would be at a severe disadvantage. In fact, professional golf would truly not be the same.

Few caddies have amassed the experience of Michael Carrick. As President of the Tour Caddies Association and caddie to the legendary Tom Kite for nearly 20 years, Carrick provides the reader with rare, inside-the-ropes glimpses of the game. He'll give you:

* The very first strategic book on golf written by a Tour caddie. You will enjoy a more complete overview of the subtleties of the game, and for the first time receive inside information that will help you plot out effective winning "campaigns" for the rounds ahead.
* Advice on how to plan a round of golf and how to respond to and take advantage of a given set of circumstances on the course. Think of this book as a personal caddie.
* An exclusive window onto the world of professional golf, allowing you to be privy to on-course dramas not often revealed to the public.

Caddie Sense will appeal to both the players looking for help with their game as well as the players looking to get an insider's view of professional golf.


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