Gustbuster Golf Umbrella's & Sunbuster sun Glasses:

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*New Drivers:

Powersole ST-7 460 Beta Ti Driver:
(like Taylor Made 460 'R - 7 Series')

-Speed Series
Offset Forged
Beta Titanium
460 CC Driver:
(like 2006 Cobra
Offset only 'hotter'!

-Black Shark MX 460 Forged Titanium Driver
(like 2006 Callaway 460)

-S.E.T. 455
Beta-Ti Driver:
(like Cleveland
Launcher Beta Ti

ST-7 Ti Driver
(like Taylor Made
  'R - 7 Series'

Standard Drivers:

Competition Drivers:

DVF T - 400  Premium Driver:
(Double Vacuum Forged Beta Ti head)

DVF 400 Premium Driver
(Double Vacuum Forged Beta Ti Head)

Hybrid Clubs:

Black Shark MX EZLaunch Hybrid
(like Callaway Heaven Wood Hybrids)

Techpower Elite Hybrid Utlity Woods
(like the Taylor Made Hybrids)


Contender 3-Ball 'Blade
(like Oddysey '3 Ball' blade putter)

Contender 2 - Ball 

(like Oddysey 2 Ball' putter)

Contender Red Blade
(like Taylor Made 'Rossa')

TP Polymer Faced
(like Titleist 'Scotty Cameron' putter)

Iron Sets:

Black Shark MX-7 irons 
(like Callaway 'Big Bertha X-18 irons')

TP Forged irons
(like Taylor Made forged irons)

Black Shark MX irons 

(like Callaway 'Big Bertha' irons)

Fairway Woods

3 -5 Woods
(like Callaway 'Big Bertha' line)

Sand Wedges

Oil Can Sand Wedges -56, 52, 60 degrees
(like Titleist)

Gunmetal Sand Wedges --56, 52, 60 degrees
(like Cleveland)

 Gustbuster Golf Umbrella's and Sunbuster Sun Glasses: G

Gustbuster Umbrella's:

Free Shipping and even more reasons to love the GustBuster®:

Wind tunnel certified to 55+ mph by the College of Aeronautics.  

Finest available 190 thread count nylon canopy — water, bleed, and fade proof. 

Patented elastic shock-cord

A design original: a 7/8" wide velcro closure system keeps a GustBuster neatly and securely wrapped.

Email Us About your color choice here:



   Blue       Burgundy      Black        Green         Tan           Red       Email us Here for your color selection:

$ 49.99 -CaddyBytes Special Price! Includes Free Shipping (Continental U.S)
Sunbuster PuttReaders Sunglasses:

PuttReaders Sunglasses:

SunBuster’s PuttReader lens has been years in research and development.  It has been tested on the PGA and Champions Tours.  It works.  Read putts better.  Putt better.

It’s based on scientific fact.

”Color is only an interpretation by the brain of information relayed to it by the eyes. Because golfers’ eyes only see a high saturation of green in the putting green surface, the brain is unable to make the subtle contour, grain and undulation distinctions it needs to read the break of a putt correctly.”  PuttReaders reduce the amount of green the eyes see in a putting green.  This brings out the blacks, browns, yellows, and reds, the colors the brain needs to read putts better.  This can save one, two or more strokes a round.  And, that can mean the difference between a good finish and winning.

PuttReaders can be worn all the time without fear of distortion or eye fatigue.

PuttReaders, like all SolaRex lenses, have a myriad of features:

-A multi-layer 6-base Polycarbonate lens.
-Blocks 100% UVA/UVB rays.
-Maximum shatterproof protection.
-Ultra-lite weight.

-AquaPel super anti-fog and water repellency.
-S-Gard scratch resistance treated.
-GolfCorrect cut and optically designed to eliminate Eye-Plane Shift Distortion (ESD)
-Meets or exceeds ANSI optical standards

There is a choice of lens size with the
Excel XChg frame.

Large Cut:  Deep, wing wrap lens, Ideal for large featured faces or large or medium head size.

Small Cut:  Shallower lens, ideal for the smaller featured faces or medium or small head size.

PuttReaders are available in the two SunBuster frame models:

The Fuzzy and the XCel XCh
ng Models...

Email Us Here for your online fitting requirements:

$ 109.99 -CaddyBytes Special Price!  (Normally $160 !!!)  Includes Free Shipping (Continental U.S)

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