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-Free Shipping: The CaddyBytes Portable Inflatable, Customizable, Driving Net!

  • Portable Inflatable
    Driving Net:

    GIANT Driving Net, Entry 12 Ft by 12 Ft. Custom (IN-1001)

    This is a game changer for all golf professionals. This is the state-of-the-art when it comes to transportable full swing driving cages. Simply plug it in and you have an instant super cage for lessons or swing analysis.  

    This driving golf net blows up in seconds and is a real attention getter. Great for demonstrating many sports this sport net is durability tested. 

    If you have an event where you want to be able to take full swings in a comfortable environment, then this is it.  

    The standard Giant Driving net depicted here has the Manufacturers logo on the Dark Blue backing.
    To Custom Logo each Inflatable Driving Net the cost is $250.    

    Velcro on the structural supports make it easy to customize this with your own banner for your own events. Each event can be announced and promoted. Standard four foot banner with "male" velcro attaches easily in six different places.  

    The net is designed to be removable and has three layers of super tough netting to catch even the fastest club head speed. If you have an off-site golf event that needs to have some attention drawn to it, then this configuration will do it. 

    All of the Air Targets fit inside of this Giant Net easily, with plenty of room to spare.

    Inside Dimensions are 12' X 12' x 11' Tall, Outside Dimensions are 16' x 16' x 13' Tall.

$1,999.99 For One Used Net. Includes Free Shipping: For one Inflatable Driving Net (Without inflatable Green Air Target - Depicted in photo above inside Driving Net)

$3999.99 Brand New Net.
For one Inflatable Driving Net including the Green Air Target - Depicted in photo above and inside of Driving Net photo (*Air Target alone is normally a $799 item if purchased separately) Continental USA Shipping Free!

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