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Brennan Little was the winning caddy at the 2003 Master's golf tournament on Sunday, April 13, 2003 in Augusta, Georgia.  The first Master's golf tournament was held in 1934 at the Augusta National Golf Club -built and developed by 1920's Grand Slam winner Bobby Jones along with 'Master' golf architect Alister MacKenzie.  A 'friendly gathering' of golf professionals then in it's early days, the Master's has evolved into one of 'The most ' coveted title's in golf.  The Augusta National, a very private and exclusive golf club had as part of it's early history a colorful and proud group of caddies who exclusively obtained the jobs at the Master's golf tourney up until 1982.  Those Augusta caddies were primarily African Americans many of whom also part-timed on the PGA Tour.  Since that time, only a handful of Augusta regular caddies get to work the Master's tournament with Carl Jackson emerging as the only native Augusta caddy with a victory there since '82'.  (Carl 'won' twice caddying for Ben Crenshaw in the 1984 and 1995 Master's tournaments.)  Brennan Little is now in an exclusive group of today's professional golf caddies who've gotten to experience that same lofty accomplishment -having caddied for a Master's champion!

Brennan Little is in his fifth year caddying for his player Mike Weir on the PGA Tour.  Brennan played junior golf and Canadian tour events hailing from St. Thomas, Ontario Canada, and knew Mike and had played competitively with him since their junior golf days.  They have six wins together (three previous to this year).  Together they've won the 1999 Air Canada Championship in Vancouver, B.C.; The 2000 World Championship in Valderamma, Spain; The 2000 PGA Tour season ending Tour Championship at the Champions Golf Club in Houston; their fourth win at the 2003 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, fifth at the 2003 Los Angeles Open, and this their sixth together, at the 2003 Master's!

Here is our Caddybytes.com interview with Brennan about his Master's win caddying for Mike Weir at Augusta:

-I think that it was relevant in this year's Master's that your player Mike Weir emerged as the winner given the bad weather on Thursday's first round with golf all day up and down those hills at Augusta National golf club.  Mike is known to work out and keep himself physically fit.  There weren't any older veterans with a chance to win this year.  How tough was Friday on you carrying that bag up and down those hills.   How many holes did you guys play that day before they called it?  (Due to darkness). 

Brennan --"we played 30 holes on Friday and six more Saturday morning -gotta say my legs and feet were a little sore, ground was so wet and that course is quite hilly so it was a tough walk, "(but) -the excitement of being in the hunt makes you kinda forget about it but once I got home each night it didn't take long to fall asleep."

CaddyBytes.com -So And what was your lead at the completion of 36 holes early Saturday morning and then after a 3 over par 75 in Saturday's third round?  You played 30 holes up and down hills and walking on wet turf on Friday, and 24 holes the next day playing with the pressure of the lead...

Brennan "-ending 36 holes at -6, and a 4 stroke lead.  After Saturday we were at -3 and (Jeff) Maggert was at -5, with the lead (going into Sunday's final 18 hole round.)

CaddyBytes.com -So it's apparent to me that Mike's stamina was a little bit affected there in Saturday's round and he said after a good night's sleep after Saturday's round that he came out fresh and ready for Sunday's final round.  And obviously he played great Sunday to win the Masters.  How did you guy's deal with it psychologically, with that early 36 hole lead, then falling back behind and then again on Sunday when you were looking to tie Len Mattiace there and trying to win the Master's?  Did you find him speeding up his routine or getting quick at all under all that pressure?

---"Mike and I talked a lot out there and I really didn't notice much different from him -he did speed up a little at times but he was well in control of his game and we just made sure we enjoyed it as much as possible considering the situation -I think when you are in that situation of the tourney -(having a chance to win) -that you have to make sure not to let your mind wander about winning the Masters, -you know as well as I do, it only takes one hole and you can be out of contention -so the need is to focus on each hole and each shot."

CaddyBytes.com -Though your Saturday third round was a little bit off, Mike sure looked solid all day Sunday.  And he didn't look like a guy who was succumbing to Master's pressure.  With Lenny Mattiace shooting that great round it looked like he may run away and hide on Sunday but you guy's just kept plugging along.  And you made that huge birdie on the par five 13th -essential to having a chance to catch Lenny.  Then I could see you were blocked out from going at the green at 15 in two -(another place essential to make at least a birdie four on) -in order to realistically have a chance to catch Len and win.  Give me a little by play of those holes coming in.

-"Yeah, the birdie on 13 was a huge birdie because they had posted Lens score at -8 and that got us to -6, made a great 2 putt par on 14 and then yes on 15 had no choice but to lay-up 223 to the front right and in the rough, no way to hit 5 wood especially with his wedge game.  He laid it up to perfect number and hit a great shot, 3 feet for birdie.  Then on 17, Mike hit a good drive and 8 iron to 20 feet and almost made the putt.  And 18 is a good hole for Mike, he can't reach the traps straight away and shapes his shots left to right so it fits his eye well.  He hit a good drive on 18 and good 4 iron to 30 feet and a 2 putt par and playoff."

CaddyBytes.com -Then how about in the playoff?

-"A great drive in the playoff on #10 down the middle next to Len's ball, a 7 iron to the front middle of the green and he then rolled first putt 6 feet by, but it didn't matter as Len  was making a 6."

CaddyBytes.com -Your man was executing so well all week.  He looked like he was in 'the zone' as they call it out there and especially on Sunday.  And man did he make a lot of up and down and pressure packed par saving putts -as you know you'll get a lot of those on those undulating and 'lightning fast' greens there.  When did you think you were going to win?  Did it even cross your mind?  How do you feel about being a part of that accomplishment?

--"-never thought we were going to win until the end and that is the truth, as I said before and you can relate -anything can happen in this game -I am not sure about the zone but he putted fantastic all week, made more 6-8 footers than I have ever seen!  -Winner of the Masters is a great feeling and something that I will never forget that is for sure, very special for Mike also because I know how much it means to him."

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