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How it Works


Two green lasers in the Smart Stick, one on each end, enable the teacher and student to clearly see the path the club is traveling from beginning to end of the swing. Utilizing the green laser technology allows the lasers to be seen outside on the grass in the brightest of sunlight. No other laser can provide this performance. The human brain learns muscle memory fastest through visualization. Once you see the lasers traveling on the wrong path an immediate correction can be made. Feedback to the brain is instantaneous.


The Power portion of the Smart Stick comes through the use of the wrist bar. The wrist bar shows proper positioning of the wrist - both at the top of the swing and at impact.


Precision comes through the ongoing use of the Smart Stick in your practice sessions. With the Smart Stick you will be practicing perfect with the visual feedback of the lasers moving on the proper path. You won’t have to guess if you’ve got the club in the correct position.

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The Smart Stick

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** A New & Revolutionary Best Product from the PGA Merchandise Show !!!

The Smart Stick is a golf swing training tool that provides continual, visual feedback throughout the entire swing. It utilizes green lasers and an innovative wrist bar that will teach you the flat left wrist at the top of your swing, how to hinge your wrist 90 degrees as well as how to maintain club head lag on the downswing. With the green lasers the Smart Stick can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Smart Stick is a result of the tireless dedication by one of golf’s premier teachers, Mr. Martin Hall, recently ranked #12 of all teachers by Golf Digest. The device works by teaching the three P’s of the golf swing: Plane, Power and Precision.

Gain the tools you need to meet your potential and fully enjoy the game of golf.

Features Include:  One Smart Stick Swing Training Device with instructional guide, Wrist Bar, 4 AAA Batteries, 2 4000 hour green laser diodes.  
- Now Only 199.99 - for the next 10 buyers!  - For one Smart Stick Swing Training Device with instructional guide, One Smart Stick Instructional Video, Wrist Bar, 4 AAA Batteries, and 2 - 4000 hour green laser diodes!  - Includes Free Shipping (Continental USA)