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*New Drivers:

Powersole ST-7 460 Beta Ti Driver:
(like Taylor Made 460 'R - 7 Series')

-Speed Series
Offset Forged
Beta Titanium
460 CC Driver:
(like 2006 Cobra
Offset only 'hotter'!

-Black Shark MX 460 Forged Titanium Driver
(like 2006 Callaway 460)

-S.E.T. 455
Beta-Ti Driver:
(like Cleveland
Launcher Beta Ti

ST-7 Ti Driver
(like Taylor Made
  'R - 7 Series'

Standard Drivers:

Competition Drivers:

DVF T - 400  Premium Driver:
(Double Vacuum Forged Beta Ti head)

DVF 400 Premium Driver
(Double Vacuum Forged Beta Ti Head)

Hybrid Clubs:

Black Shark MX EZLaunch Hybrid
(like Callaway Heaven Wood Hybrids)

Techpower Elite Hybrid Utlity Woods
(like the Taylor Made Hybrids)


Contender 3-Ball 'Blade
(like Oddysey '3 Ball' blade putter)

Contender 2 - Ball 

(like Oddysey 2 Ball' putter)

Contender Red Blade
(like Taylor Made 'Rossa')

Contender Pro FM 

(like Titleist 'Futura' putter)

TP Polymer Faced
(like Titleist 'Scotty Cameron' putter)

Iron Sets:

Black Shark MX-7 irons 
(like Callaway 'Big Bertha X-18 irons')

TP Forged irons
(like Taylor Made forged irons)

Black Shark MX irons 

(like Callaway 'Big Bertha' irons)

Fairway Woods

3 -5 Woods
(like Callaway 'Big Bertha' line)

Sand Wedges

Oil Can Sand Wedges -56, 52, 60 degrees
(like Titleist)

Gunmetal Sand Wedges --56, 52, 60 degrees
(like Cleveland)

SonoCaddie Personal Golf GPS: Now with 22,000 Golf Course Free Downloads and Growing!  More than Skycaddie!
New Promo!  Eligibility Requirements
    Either Sonocaddie V 300 Or Auto Play must be purchased between November 1st and December 31st, 2009, with a Birdie or Eagle Membership registration prior to January 31st, 2010. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of your FREE $50 Holiday gift pack to any USA or Canada address via US Mail. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. The memberships are all non-transferrable, non-refundable and cannot be prorated towards the purchase of a new membership. While supplies last.

Sonocaddie Shipped Immediately after purchase - pricing includes Free Ground Shipping for all Sonocaddies
The free special offers under this promotion are void if the purchase is cancelled or returned.
*Lifetime means for the life of the product for the original purchaser. Subsequent owners may also purchase the lifetime membership under the terms at the time of purchase.  Memberships can be purchased to qualify on the Sonocaddie Website.

Sonocaddie V300
Gift Pack Includes:

Carry Bag
Hat Clip/Ball Marker
Divot Tool
Car Charger

Gift Pack Pictured Below

Sonnocaddie AutoPlay
Gift Pack Includes:

Carry Bag
Hat Clip/Ball Marker
Divot Tool
Car Charger

Gift Pack Pictured Below

Product includes:
Sonocaddie V300
Mini USB Cable
Rechargeable Battery
Belt Clip
AC Charger Adaptor
User's Guide
Carry Pouch
Product includes:
Sonocaddie Autoplay
Mini USB Cable
Rechargeable Battery
Belt Clip
AC Charger Adaptor
User's Guide
Carry Pouch
 Sonocaddie V300 with patented color 3D layout graphics. Will hold up to 30 courses and first five downloads are free - upgrade to birdie or eagle membership for unlimited lifetime download of courses. Comes standard with our Scorecard feature whereby you can track review your last 100 rounds stored.  Our ergonomic V300 serves as your own personal golf caddie guiding you through the course and helping you earn your best scores ever!  Using the most advanced GPS satellite system, Sonocaddie calculates the distance from any point on the course to the green or any other target you choose.   Sonocaddie AUTO PLAY comes preloaded with available 22,000 preloaded courses additional courses always free additional updates with purchase.  The Auto Play is 2 Dimensional color Icon  based reference point layouts in three columns to display the info. So there is no downloading, no membership, and no computer needed!  When you get to the golf course, simply select the course and starting hole, and Sonocaddie Auto Play does the rest, advancing to the next hole as you do.  (Scorecard and track review are available with purchase of birdie or eagle membership which is also required for Free Gift)

$365.00 Sonocaddie V300  
- Price Includes Free Shipping Continental USA!  You must purchase a Sonocaddie V300 by Dec. 31st 2009 AND buy a birdie or eagle membership by Jan. 31st 2010 in order to qualify for the Free Gift.  (Sonocaddie V300 Membership purchases are available at

$359.00 Sonocaddie Auto Play  
- Price Includes Free Shipping Continental USA!  You must purchase a Sonocaddie Auto Play by Dec. 31st 2009 AND buy a birdie or eagle membership by Jan. 31st 2010 in order to qualify for the Free Gift.  (Membership purchases are available at

SonoCaddie XV2 - The Original Sonocaddie Graphics in Black and White:

Distance to Green and Critical Target

Sonocaddie Personal Golf GPS Features:

Distance to Green and Critical Target - Measures the distance from any point on the course to bunkers, water hazards or other targets. You can play better and enjoy the game more when you know exactly what you are up against.

Distance to Green  - Displays the distance from any location to the green, even without a clear line of sight, thus minimizing errors in your shot selections.

Sonocaddie Personal Golf GPS  - with Free Shipping from CaddyBytes is the easiest and most advanced personal golf GPS available today!  Palm-sized and feature laden, with a globally patent pending graphic display,Sonocaddie enables you to know the precise distance from you to any spot on the course… green, hazards, trees, up to 15 different targets per hole, plus the distance to the front, center and rear of any green with the touch of a button… even without a clear line of sight!  Watch the yardage tick down as you walk toward the green in real time.  Determine the precise length of your drive with the touch of a button! This amazing technology is guaranteed to cut strokes from your game ...

Personalized Course Target Setting - Sonocaddie's friendly interface allows you to generate new course coordinates or edit existing ones according to your personal preferences in a matter of seconds.

Driving Distance
- How far did you hit your driver? 270 or 280 yards? Now discover the precise yardage without guessing and learn how different course terrain or weather conditions influence your play.

Digital Scorecard - Replace your paper scorecard. The Sonocaddie will automatically calculate your total score with the simple touch of
a button.

Thousands of courses are on the Sonocaddie web site for your Free Access, and thousands are being added each year.  Simply plug the Sonocaddie USB cable into your computer, go to, browse your favorite

Easy Access to Course Information - Users can access and upload or download information on golf courses around the world for free.

Share Course Information among Sonocaddies - You can easily share information about your favorite courses to other players via your Sonocaddie's data cable. Its transmission makes Sonocaddie convenient and may even help to win a few friends before your round.

 - course by State and City, and hit download.  If your course is not there, Sonocaddie will upload it on request, or you can very easily add your course by walking or driving, and at each target, hazard, and green permanently mark the spot with a touch of a button.  From then on, the Sonocaddie always knows your yardage from that spot- even if you’re at the 19th hole! 

You can also download any course from your Sonocaddie to others with the included connecting cable and the touch of a button. 3AAA batteries-regular or rechargeable-
(not included) will last up to three rounds (16 hours) and are easily replaced.

Sonocaddie Personal Golf GPS Purchase:

 $269.99-Sonocaddie Personal GPS
Free Shipping (Continental U.S.A.)
Sonocaddie purchase includes:
Free Golf Course Downloads (Vs. Skycaddie that charges a fee)
1 Sonocaddie to PC Data Cable
1 Sonocaddie to Sonocaddie Data Cable
1 Clip
1 User Guide
1 Screen Protector
3 AAA Batteries
(*Please Note:  CaddyBytes does not take returns as we do not restock this item.   Sonocaddie honors all warrantees of this item.)

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