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Welcome to our 'Featured Hole's of the Week' for the 2008 Players Championship from the TPC at Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Florida -home to the PGA Tour.  These are views of the 16th, 17th, and 18th holes from the TPC Sawgrass Stadium golf course.  This is the 32nd anniversary of the Tournament Players Championship and the 25th year it's been held at the current and now in it's silver anniversary as the permanent home of the tournament at the TPC at Sawgrass.  The first TPC was won by Jack Nicklaus at the Atlanta Country Club in 1974.!

Our first picture (left) is from the tee shot view of the 496 yard par 5 16th hole.

It's 290 yards through the fairway in the right center of the picture and requires a nicely drawn (right to left) tee shot.

Although this par five is relatively short and very reachable you still need a good lie in the fairway in order to go at this green in two.

Should you put your tee shot in the five inch rye/bermuda mix rough here, then most likely you will be forced to lay up for a somewhat tricky third shot approach here with an overhanging tree obscuring your access to back and left hand pins. (See next picture below)

In this view (Right) from behind the 16th green and looking back to the second and third shot landing and approach areas.  You can see how that double trunked tree in the sand there obscures the approach.  

The difficult thing about this golf course are the wrong side misses you're apt to have to these firm, crowning, and undulating greens.

Although this golf hole has been eagled quite a bit, it will also yield it's share of bogies and 'others' with that tree obscuring the second shot a bit and bringing the right side water into play into this firm, fast, and contoured green.

Should you elect to lay up your second shot you must do so well back of the overhanging tree here.  That way you may then  be able hit a full shot over it and attack the pin for a birdie four here.

This left side view (picture (left) is of the infamous 143 yard par 3, 17th hole and it's island green.   It's a carry in the 120's to the front of the green with a ridge at about 10 to 11 yards into this green to an upper back plateau.  

Although it's only a short shot into this green.  It becomes more difficult should you have any significant wind.  And often here the wind is obscured by the 'hollow' that the hole sits in created by this man-made amphitheatre and spectator mounding (visible in next picture below).

This has been a very pivotal golf hole in Tournament Player's Championships past and is now a fan favorite classic.

Here's a view (Right) from the right side of and behind this Dye-A-Bolical little golf hole.  (right)  A golf fan's dream of a hole where thousands of golf fan's annually plant themselves in the amphitheatre to the right of the pix awaiting the next disaster or great play here.

The 'smart' way to play this hole is to pick a spot in the left center of the green just into the base of the ridge there at about nine to ten yards into the green.

If you try to hit your shot there every day you won't go very wrong and will avoid having a 'big number' here!  

The classic Sunday pin is always to the right and over the 'pot' bunker in the right front of the green.  A safe shot to that pin is still well to the left of the flag and just into the carry on top.

Number 18 (picture (left) is a very difficult driving golf hole at 446 yards with water all down the left side from tee to green.  

It's also guarded on the right side by 4 to 6 inches of Rye/Bermuda based rough. 

This picture (left) gives you an idea of the narrowness of the hole as it appears to the player hitting off the tee box here.

The strategy off the tee is usually a driver unless you're downwind or a very long hitter.  Then it is a three wood played out to the right center where it is 295 yards through the fairway there at the twin trunked tree in picture (left).

The player is then left  with a mid iron into a multiply-tiered green guarded by water left, rough and mounds right, and over the green as well.

This look (In this view (Right) is of the left side carry over the corner of the lake and a long second shot into the green with water all the way down the left side into the green.  

You also get a good look at the amphitheatre around the green in the distance.  Mounding was intentionally created here by Pete Dye along with former commissioner of golf Deane Beman when they built the TPC at Sawgrass in 1981.  

All the golf holes offer many vantage points and man made mounding to accommodate maximum viewing for a large amount of spectators at the TPC Stadium Course and The Player's Championship.

Here's the look (left) from above and behind the 18th green looking back down the fairway to the second shot landing area and tee box around the lake in the distance.

The eighteenth green is 35 yards deep with two tiers at 17 yards and 27 yards respectively into the green here.

You can see the trees in the distance (left middle in pix) that are through the fairway off the tee on the right side there.  You must stay out of the water left and the trees right off the tee here.

And should you 'block' your second shot and miss it in those Pete Dye mounds short and right of the green, you'll have your work cut out for you trying to attain your par four.

A good tee shot and second shot approach to the correct side of the flag will give you a very good chance to birdie this often pivotal finishing hole.

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