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Veteran tour caddy Bob Whitbread - 20 years as a caddy in professional golf. Since I don't necessarily like to 'blow my own horn' or make CaddyBytes about me so much - as I created in 2002 for an emphasis on professional golf caddies and what caddying out on tour might be all about. I also wanted it to be a tribute to a special breed of people who've dedicated their time in a game that they feel passionate about. I've been around the game out on tour in the past two decades after a couple of brief stints in the late '70's and early '80's. Then full time from 1990 - 2007. Needless to say we've seen a lot of changes today which pretty much reflect the market place - such as the inception of the FedExCup and the loss of tournaments here in the USA and the great expansion of golf internationally. This column will be from my own 'Dashboard' and will be my take on things that I choose to 'Take On' - let's call it the world of golf 'According to Bob' - hehehe!!! I Hope it's somewhat informative and at least occasionally enjoyable. If not - why bother to visit CaddyBytes at all - right?!.

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           03/06/14 Update:

                                                Another Veteran Caddie Passes here in 2014
I'm sorry to report that veteran tour caddie Mike Boyce passed away last week at his home in Miramar Florida. Mike was an original of the old breed who caddied since the late 1970's on the PGA Tour and was Gil Morgan's caddie for his entire Senior Champions Tour career. Affectionately known as 'Shitty' - 'you'd have to be there and understand the era folks' to be able to get that nickname. I remember Roger Maltbie giving Mike a tee shirt he had made up with that emblazoned on the front in big letters. Nicknames come and go but the ones that do stick around are usually because they are the best caddies and stand out so well that they get a handle - his meaning to poke fun at Mike's sometimes gruff outward personality. (He later softened as we all do and got married and asked us all to tone it down a bit as people on the outside of the caddie biz might take that the wrong way). Often outspoken and a rabid Philadelphia Phillies fan from that hometown he grew up in. I'll try to get something more up about his passing in the next week or so. Mike dedicated his life to caddying in service on the PGA Tour to many veteran players of past history ... no doubt he's making the cut .. to that big country club in the sky ...

           08/07/13 Update:

                                            2013 PGA Championship Update:

PGA Championship Preview 2013: Golf may be the hardest game to predict the winner of all the sports. Your best bet in Vegas is to always bet against the favorite no matter who it is and you'll take home a lot of dough. This is a major that Tiger has been the most comfortable at controlling his own fate. Conditions are usually perfect at PGA Championships in the summertime and both Eldrick & Phil are West Coast guys and these will be fast bent grass greens.

Phil has gotten it figured out how to hit more fairways and said he found something in his putting Scottish Open week - leading to back to back victories and a British Open title. However the pressure is still on Woods to win a major championship. It's almost like what they put on players who haven't won one yet.

That pressure is something he has to subvert and subdue in order to go about his business. Tiger's biggest enemy right now would be that of 'trying too hard' and that gets in a players way. Winning last week takes some pressure off of him but your best bet is still to bet against him doing it here ...

We'll see what happens as it could be a very interesting week ... 

'CaddyBytes 'Bob' 07/17/13

only time i could walk it without players out there.  That little bunker on 18 in front of green.  And one off the tee 200 out on the left.  I thought bullshit this is from the old days.  I worked for Rod Spittle here.  First round - Saw a weather cloud forming over the firth of forth ...... on 17 tee. by the time we got to 18 i had all the rain gear out .. it started blowing 20 to 30 with cold rain sideways ... now the tee shot barely went 200 with pit bunker left .. then a three iron into a strong right to left wind and rain made a very difficult par four ... out of bounds long ...... all the holes go in different directions ... big brian and i went to look for rooms monday night (previous to tournament) .. all rooms taken at musselboroug with racing there .... edinburg summer festival ...... ultimately brian slept in toyota front seat on green at gullane .. i slept in a doorway hallway between two shops on cold cement .. got 'up' at day light to see B' still out cold snoring in the Toyo .. me walk to course .. see Spittle ... hi bob where are you staying?  Oh i have  a place in Gullane ....... Rod ....... then after long day practice no sleep ... i get a five star for the next four nights ....... sat. night i have no room again .. no accomodations available ...... so i worked the guys in the locker room .. they gave me a blanket .... i had a pillow and the security guard - they put me in the recorders trailer on #18 ... it's in the pics of the last hole if you wait long enough you'll see it ... i had cable tv and had to lay low and get out by 6 am so the secretary wouldn't find out how they 'harbored' a caddie on the 'Elite' Muirfield grounds .......... hehehee true story i promise you!!!! BTW which means By The Way ...... Tiger's got no shot here this week. He's a very poor bad weather or wind player & this place sits in a location where it can be clear and sunny and 20 minutes later it's pure hell weather wise! Look out for Tiger though come PGA at Oak Hill ... his best chance to win a major in 2013!!!

My last minute & shocking pic to win the 2013 British Open at Muirfield? Boo Weekley. He's technically a really good ball striker and culturally dumbed down enough to not get caught up in the history of the venue that he is winning at wish - I was over there and could lay a few pounds on him ..... Go Boo ..... !!!!!!!!!!
                                                                    this one by 'CaddyBytes 'Bob' 05/31/13

  'Tiger's got four already - Scott gets his first major - and then there's Sergio'

Time for my quarterly year update. First of all let me mention that the world of golf and the PGA Tour and CBS Sports lost two former "Icon" golf announcers from the world of golf - Pat Summerall & Ken Venturi. These guys were pioneers who worked with the late great Frank Chirkinian - the man who wrote the book on how to cover a golf tournament.

Also Adam Scott's great win over Cabrera was one hell of a show! The legend of Bobby Jones continues it seems every Masters and this one was really something special. Great job by Steve Williams and full frontal shot of him with Scott hitting into 18 in the playoff and we heard Steve tell Adam to go with the longer club there. There could not be a more high quality guy than Scott to hold that coveted title nor more deserving of a win - especially given his failure in the 2012 British Open at St. Annes.

I made it to a couple events in Florida and then the TPC Sawgrass. Tiger managed to eek out a victory in a place he's not particularly fond of. Looks like he's back being the intimidating Tiger Woods we once knew again. Just ask Sergio.

When Mickelson beat Tiger head to head in early 2012 at the Pebble Beach Invitational it was vintage Phil but not vintage Tiger. Remember all the flap about how Tiger and Phil dont' really like each other etc and Bones high 'fivin Phil after the win? 'Take that Tiger!'

Woods hit a swing change low at the Masters in the second round CBS coverage was nearly funereal on Friday afternoon with Tiger still in 'Swing Change Mode'. Tiger frustrated trying to go with a swing that just wasn't ready yet. Then on 16 he blocked a short iron into the green and flung his club down at his feet in disgust and dismay. Only to be roundly criticised for it by many in the media and also by PGA Tour players most notably Paul Azinger.

Like they've never done that before? C'Mon!

After that low at Augusta in 2012 Woods went on to lead 2 of the next three majors at the 36 hole mark. He also managed to win three times and still without his best stuff. He was hitting the ball aberant distances with some of his long clubs. And his putting was amiss and un Tiger like.

They all have been saying that he won't break Jack's record of 20 Majors. That he was done on that one. That list includes Faldo, Norman, Azinger, Strange and many others. I remember in '96 being on that range in Milwaukee for Woods first event and his interview saying that his goal was to win tournaments and the smirks and the sneers by the veterans. "Who does he think he is? Doesn't he know how hard this is out here at this level? Until of course Tiger won two of the next 6 events he played in there in '96.

Woods knee injury alone might have ended any regular tour players career. But not Tiger. Now with the swing revamp taking pressure off that vulnerable left knee with the help of Sean Foley Tiger's got it back together again. With the new swing he will hit some loose shots. He won't hook it often and now favors courses where a right handed player can fade the ball. But his short game is back. He's got good distance control with his irons. One of Jack Nicklaus' greatest traits throughout his career was the ability to hit the ball hole high a majority of the time. He also faded the ball primarily and eliminated the left side of the golf course in doing so.

But there will always be critics looking for some kind of Flap. The wrongful drop on 15 on Friday and ensuing controversy. The Masters committee decides what happens at the Masters folks. Not the PGA Tour or the USGA or the R&A - the Masters Committee - it's a dictatorship there. Simple as that. That's what they ruled that's what matters. Did Tiger get special treatment by them on that ruling? Possibly. But that's THEIR decision to make not his. Woods no longer has any advantage at Augusta anyway. He can't draw the golf ball on que. It's a fearful and scary shot for him. So that place may now be the hardest place of all the majors for him to win at.

But the Flap continues well because he was unfaithful to his wife and the coverup and lack of candor about discussing it publicly Tiger is now scrutinized like never before. I hear comments and criticism today like Tiger's not that friendly. And how he should have apologized to Garcia after Sergio was disturbed by Woods gallery on Saturday there at the TPC. Then when Woods hit it in the water on 14 on sunday - let's examine this one - let's see if Tiger takes another bad drop.

So now besides the fact that he's an unfaithful womanizer, and didnt' allow the media to question his personal life outside of golf so he lacks candor and honesty, he's not friendly, and possibly a cheater.

So Sergio's Flap turned into the usual Flop er plop with the two he hit in the drink on 17 on Sunday when he still had a chance against Tiger playing in front of him there. Get over it Sergio. If you cared to ask him Tiger will remind you how Earl taught him to focus and handle disturbances on the course in competition and the infamous story about him dropping car keys in his backswing as a kid and more. Serge - right now you are wasted talent. And i mean tremendous talent going to waste by your hyper sensitivitiy. Get mentally tough and you'll probably win your first major. You are that good my friend.

I say this to Serge and All. You play with Woods you have to play with distractions. The media has to create a sub plot - golf is time consuming boring at best and so the need for any added drama for today's fans. Hell even Sergio started believing his own self created flap - carrying it all the way to the BMW at Wentworth and some ill placed comments about Tiger eating fried chicken. A very weak attempt to lash out at Tiger and an obvious 'Low Blow' by Serge.

Poor Serge - you are not that kind of person I know that - don't even go there - leave that to the past and previous generations. Trying to be funny at every African American's expense - Fuzzy found out quickly after Tiger won his first major in Augusta in '97 with similar comments - that's not the way this world is willing to go anymore - thank God!

Yeah that #1 ranking comes with a price folks.

As for most of the criticism including Sergio's - aimed at Tiger today - (and certainly there will always be valid criticism) - I say that you can write off about 99% of it to be nothing more than what it really smells like to me - otherwise simply known - A.K.A. as good old fashioned- 'Professional Jealousy'!



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