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Veteran tour caddy Bob Whitbread - 20 years as a caddy in professional golf. Since I don't necessarily like to 'blow my own horn' or make CaddyBytes about me so much - as I created in 2002 for an emphasis on professional golf caddies and what caddying out on tour might be all about. I also wanted it to be a tribute to a special breed of people who've dedicated their time in a game that they feel passionate about. I've been around the game out on tour in the past two decades after a couple of brief stints in the late '70's and early '80's. Then full time from 1990 - 2007. Needless to say we've seen a lot of changes today which pretty much reflect the market place - such as the inception of the FedExCup and the loss of tournaments here in the USA and the great expansion of golf internationally. This column will be from my own 'Dashboard' and will be my take on things that I choose to 'Take On' - let's call it the world of golf 'According to Bob' - hehehe!!! I Hope it's somewhat informative and at least occasionally enjoyable. If not - why bother to visit CaddyBytes at all - right?!.

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                                                                                                                                                                                       'CaddyBytes 'Bob' 08/08/11
                                      'Steve UPSTAGES Tiger at Bridgestone'

Poor Tiger.  He can’t catch a break.  He can’t even fire his caddy like any journeyman pro would. In those cases no one knows what happened.  They may not even notice for week’s on end.  But when you’ve been the best in the world for so many years nothing - I mean nothing you do goes unnoticed.

So Steve let’s us know he was upset, Tiger didn’t really like him leaving even temporarily for Adam Scott.  It so happens by chance that Tiger comes out to play after a long layoff - and that should be the big story but his ex caddie steals the stage.  In the best sense of Shakespearean theatre the former caddie UPSTAGES the man who made him rich and famous on the same week he returns from injury after a long layoff.  Poor Yorik er’ Tiger!

His passion for life and golf and the trappings of his youth and fame (ie women) got him in all this mess.  And a terrible decision to listen to Hank Haney and flatten his golf swing – that’s the same Hank Haney who can’t even help Charles Barkley hit a golf ball.  Can you imagine this all happening in the world of Tiger Woods just a few years ago?

Williams says that this victory was his most ‘satisfying’.  The fans at Firestone were pulling for Steve while caddying for Scott there on Sunday.  Comments derogatory to Tiger and in favor of his former ‘fired’ right hand man.  This identification no doubt goes more to the present day working class dilemma - a crashed economy and a sense of disdain for the ‘elite’ whom some could assume would be pro athletes and other rich and ‘spoiled’ people as uncaring and responsible for our present economic crisis.  Of course that would be a stretch of the facts.

But when you are playing and in an introverts game it’s hard to cross the line as a caddy to become bigger than the player.  What Tiger brought to professional golf was the charisma and presence of an action sport character to the mostly boring (to most sports fans) world of golf.  Steve got engaged in all of that.  I  mean the Tiger fist pump the  brash and bold way he went about it all bringing that to a game that lacks all of that by it’s very nature.

Steve was very lucky to be a part of that era.  I wrote in a previous article herein that Tiger’s era of domination is done.  I meant it.  So Steve has moved on.  He may win more with Adam Scott than Tiger will from here on in.  The main reason and only reason being that Tiger’s swing tears on that left knee and that problematical knee is holding him back.

With a good knee he’d still be on top and maybe have one or two majors left to beat the Nicklaus record. 

I’m willing to go out on a limb here though.  Like all great Shakespearean characters.  Tiger will amidst all his failings and shortcomings get it done.  I mean he will break Jack’s record.  Even if it takes a knee replacement. 

I wish I was on his P.R. team.  Good luck to Steve.  But thank Tiger in your prayers Steve.  Don’t forget where you came from man!



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