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Veteran tour caddy Bob Whitbread - 20 years as a caddy in professional golf. Since I don't necessarily like to 'blow my own horn' or make CaddyBytes about me so much - as I created in 2002 for an emphasis on professional golf caddies and what caddying out on tour might be all about. I also wanted it to be a tribute to a special breed of people who've dedicated their time in a game that they feel passionate about. I've been around the game out on tour in the past two decades after a couple of brief stints in the late '70's and early '80's. Then full time from 1990 - 2007. Needless to say we've seen a lot of changes today which pretty much reflect the market place - such as the inception of the FedExCup and the loss of tournaments here in the USA and the great expansion of golf internationally. This column will be from my own 'Dashboard' and will be my take on things that I choose to 'Take On' - let's call it the world of golf 'According to Bob' - hehehe!!! I Hope it's somewhat informative and at least occasionally enjoyable. If not - why bother to visit CaddyBytes at all - right?!.

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                                                                                                                                                                                       by 'CaddyBytes 'Bob' 10/20/12
                          'Scotty Steele passes away - he was a hell of a man & caddie'

I hate it that i'm writing this story. Too much of my input these days on CaddyBytes and the 'Haul of Fame' is for guys who are no longer with us. I saw Scotty this past summer at the Senior British where he was working for Kirk Triplett and at Endicott Dick's Sporting Goods Open in August. I got caught up with Scotty after not having seen him for quite a while. Scotty was a very good man and fine person. As a caddie he had a big heart - which as it is applied to sport means - can go the distance - can make things happen - can be in the 'eye of the tiger' and perform at that high level like all great athletes do. That's right folks - I believe that great caddies do that to. Unfortunately this past Friday - that Big Heart just gave out.

I know he left Tim Herron after being the guy on that bag for Tim's wins other than his first one with Harpo (Also passed heart attack 10 or so years ago). Scotty was a top flight tour caddie par excellance. He won with Larry Mize - the storied chip in on 11 to beat Norman at Augusta in '87. Scotty was the long haired guy jumping up and down with Mize alongside him there in the white 'ice cream suit'. These days he's been with Kirk Triplett and caddying on what he liked to refer to as 'The Old Farts (Champions) Tour
. In the 1990's he worked on some high performing and high level bags including for Payne Stewart amongst notable others. He made his players as good as they could be which is the mark of a great caddie.

He gave me a hard time for naming my site CaddyBytes. As an educated English Major he didn't like the improper use of the correct spelling as caddie. I had to tell him many times, Caddybytes with a Y .. Caddy with a Y ... Bytes with a Y ... so it's catchy .. get it Scotty!? He still liked giving me a hard time about it. Quick to poke fun and a good rib and loyal to the core - that's what he'd do and what we all liked about him. He loved his country too and identified with the good things that came out of the 60's and we had many a political discussion did Scotty and I especially over the past 10 years.

So he's somewhere else now. Where ever it may be that we go. I like to think he's up there at the 'Big Club in the Sky' with the likes of the great Payne Stewart, 'Squeeky' Medlin, Bruce Edwards, Greg Rita, Six Pack Jack, Hank the Bank, Tobbaco Lou, Herman Mitchell and all the other passed legends of the US Tour during his tenure who've passed away. And I hope it's caddie haven or heaven where he's at now. My condolensces go out to his wife Barbara and his immediate family on losing a great guy with such a big heart. You will be sorely missed Scotty ...


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