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Mark Huber is a professional caddy currently working on the PGA Tour's Champions golf tour for Jim Roy.   He's been caddying on the PGA Tour since 1988 and worked for over 70 different players on every tour over the years.   His main bags were Bob Murphy, Doug Tewell, Raymond Floyd, Larry Rinker, Greg Twiggs, and Robert Gamez.  He's also 'looped' for Tom Watson, Curtis Strange, and Larry Nelson to name a notable few, plus countless other players on the PGA, Nationwide, LPGA, and Champions golf tours.   Mark has accumulated twenty wins and countless experiences during his tour caddy career and you can read more from Mark by clicking here at -  Mark's Kaddy Korner. 

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mark Huber 09/07/10
                                  'Post First Tee, Ryder Cup update, and Week Off'

 My $125 Sunday redeye flight from San Jose to Milwaukee stopped in Atlanta and Cincinnati but I was sitting in Wrigley Field at the start of the third inning Monday afternoon. Moira Dunne was calling and texting me needing a caddy in NW Arkansas P&G Classic but I priced myself out of the deal plus she needed someone there sooner than I could drive down. I spent the week visiting Mom and Dad in Havana attending my first Octoberfest in 37 years.

My buddy Patrick Keeley was the winning caddy at Pebble Beach. He came to the West Coast without a bag and picked up Ted Shultz in the Boeing Classic parking lot the week before. The boys are calling it the best parking lot pull of all time. I’m sure there were immediate wins out of the lot years ago but having a win your second week out of the lot is special. They’re both set for the next year and it couldn’t happen to nicer guys. Ted’s a good ol’ boy from Kentucky who was nicknamed Jethro early in his PGA Tour career.

Sorry I don’t have much to report so I’ll just ramble a bit. Tiger’s on course travails proves golf is more mental than physical. His physical talents are far superior but with his cluttered mind it’s hard to produce winning golf. He’s close but until things settle off the course he won’t be hoisting any trophies. Corey picked him for the Ryder Cup but don’t expect to see him in every match; he may be sitting as much as watching the first two days.

Corey’s Ricky Fowler pick was questionable but exciting. The kid can light it up but he really hasn’t proven himself completely. Corey’s playing a hunch and the last time a Ryder Cup Captain relied on hunches it was quite exciting on Sunday. Remember The Country Club in 1999, Ben Crenshaw relied on hunches and a feeling Saturday evening. Hopefully, Corey’s hunch plays well.

Mrs. Doubtfire, a.k.a. Colin Montgomerie, stirred the pot leaving some big names off the team because of his personal feelings. Montie doesn’t need to make waves he’s already a polarizing figure and he’s without some of his long time buddies, Ryder Cup stalwarts who carried them to many victories. I’m not quite sure how his present team will respond; Colin has a way of alienating folks without trying.

“The Freak”, Dustin Johnson, is the next world number one unless Phil takes off the choke collar. Nice to see him garner a win after the “Major” disappointments, he’s a big favorite among players, caddies, and fans. We all can’t wait to see him and Bubba Watson at Keltic Manor, a course designed for Ryder Cup matches with a lot of risk-reward holes and driveable par fours. His caddy, Bobby Brown, came from Pebble Beach and they’re talked of reverently out there.

Golf will be fading from the scene with football in the air. Even on the practice tee all you hear is college football and there are quite a few gentlemanly bets placed among college rivals. The golfers are serious about their alma maters and get a bit peeved when their tee times get in the way of game times; TEVO gets quite a work out.
I’ll be heading out Sunday for the Carolinas working for Bob Gilder the next three weeks. We need a little of Patrick’s luck and a couple of high finishes.

                          Take Care

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