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Mark Huber is a professional caddy currently working on the PGA Tour's Champions golf tour for Bob Gilder.   He's been caddying on the PGA Tour since 1988 and worked for over 70 different players on every tour over the years.   His main 'bags' were Bob Murphy, Doug Tewell, Raymond Floyd, Larry Rinker, Greg Twiggs, and Robert Gamez.  He's also 'looped' for Tom Watson, Curtis Strange, and Larry Nelson to name a notable few, plus countless other players on the PGA, Nationwide, LPGA, and Champions golf tours.   Mark has accumulated twenty wins and countless experiences during his tour caddy career and you can read more from Mark by clicking here at -  Mark's Kaddy Korner. 

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                                                                                                                                                                                           Mark Huber 08/14/12
                         'Turnberry, Eisenhour and the Lost Caddie, Endicott, NY:

(Around Thanksgiving 2011 , Devon Quigley, “Ironman” Dana Quigley’s son had a serious car accident, he’s still in a coma with massive brain injuries but thoughts, prayers and the Quigley family strength is keeping him going.

For updates on Dana Quigley's son Devon's slow progress from massive brain trauma:    Please Go to for updates on his condition. Our thoughts and prayers go with the entire Quigley Family in their time of need.)

'More on Turnberry, Eisenhour & The Lost Caddie: Champions Tour:

Not quite sure if I'm coming, going, sideways, backwards, up, down or where I'm at at the moment. Oh, I'm in Binghamton, NY but woke up last night and wasn't sure where I was or what day and definitely didn't know what was on the agenda. It's been a whirlwind, no a petite tornado these last two weeks since I left Scotland. Last week, if you count the NE tip of Alabama you pass through on the way to Florida, I managed 13 states, five different modes of transportation and slept in a different bed every night for the second straight week. Thank god I have four straight days in a Motel 6 bed this week, well maybe.
It's nice to be back to work so I can rest a bit. A long mowing day at the cabin Monday, travel day on Tuesday, passed through Havana and then helped Wendy move to Florida Wednesday and Thursday. I caught a flight back early Friday morning to St. Louis and cousin Doug picked me up at the local casino after a slightly profitable Blackjack session. We headed back to Havana for the 21st annual Huberfest reunion and brother Dave spiced things up a bit with two Matanza Lake houses for the weekend. Cousins brought in kids, sleeping bags, way too much food and stacked iced coolers on the back porch. Everyone was pleasantly worn out by Sunday afternoon with great memories, laughs and wonderful stories.
With all the windshield and tractor time I realized there was a lot I forgot to tell you the last couple weeks. First, I forgot to thank the lady volunteer on the fifth tee box at the 3M who supplies everyone with banana nut bread varietal's every day. There's a row of Tupperware containers lined up on the tee box and only the strongest can pass through without a sample or three. I think the spiced rum banana bread was my favorite. The little things at tournaments are sometimes the best and in the Midwest they do a lot of little things to make us feel right at home.
Hopefully, the pictures came through, if they didn't send me an email for a resend. Scotland was a glorious week and I've never taken so many photos during a tournament. Cory Pavin, Fred Funk, Larry Mize and Bob (maybe the shortest foursome of the week) hammed it up on the ninth tee. I caught Tom Watson practicing one afternoon overlooking the lighthouse and the scene of his most special victory. And finally, the Turnberry Hotel perched on the hill overlooking the Aisia Craig course, the Alisia Craig island where every curling stone in the world comes from, and the lighthouse guarding the peninsula.
Turnberry is my Scottish Pebble Beach and I happened to find a couple magnificent natural urinals perched behind the ninth tee box and the lighthouse back yard. Staring up and down the coast during my relief stops you could imagine the sorties taking off and landing during the World Wars. You could almost sense "Ike" strolling the course every day after he sent his bombers on their missions. There were so many historical images wafting through my brain I forgot to zip up. Like I said, it's the little things you often remember.
The howling winds sometimes confuse players and caddies, especially on a track like Turnberry but I've never been completely lost. Friday at Turnberry there was a lost caddy. In my 25 years it has never happened, there have been many no-shows, a couple of sleepers in carts but never a lost caddy during the round. We were standing on the 13th tee box watching the preceding group roam the fairway and couldn't figure out what the heck was going on. After about a ten minute wait, a panicked official and player running around in a cart seeming to be looking for a ball, another official, a club, whatever, scurried down the path and caught up with the group. We didn't find out till the next day what the commotion was all about.
Peter Oakley, past British Open Champion, (only win on Senior Tour) lost his caddy/wife. She took a wrong turn off the tee box and ended up in the tenth fairway, maybe the 14th, who knows and had to be corralled. They picked her up in a cart, Peter was assessed a two shot penalty for "undue delay" and they missed the cut by a bunch. I guess it really doesn't count as a caddy lost during play because she's only an "MCI caddy" (friends and family) they don't deserve the same attention as us "real caddies". It was a great story but would have been better if a veteran pulled off the stunt.
Hectic doesn't do the last few weeks justice but it sure beats the hell out of laying on a couch nursing a bad hip. Strolling the Turnberry fairways with caddies you can't understand a word their saying is sheer joy. You nod your head, laugh when you hope it's a appropriate and gather their nuances about golf. They take it pretty serious over there. John Letters, the largest European golf merchandiser, wouldn't give me and BogeyPro the time of day. I chatted briefly with him in his trailer beside the range and he assured me European golfers are way to serious for that kind of stuff. I tried to remind him it was called "playing golf" but his stuffed shirt wouldn't deflate. I believe a nice gift bag may convince him otherwise.
I wound up in upstate New York, Endicott to be exact, and looking forward to the week. En-Joie GC is right up Bob's alley, tight, not very long and tree lined. The only draw back is this is the strongest field of the year and we got to golf our ball. Hope we finish on time Sunday because I have to catch a flight in St. Louis Monday afternoon heading for Seattle. There's a few folks along the way who will be my pit crew, I couldn't make the ride without them

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