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Randall 'Hollywood' Watts is a professional caddy who was working at the PGA Tour' Valero Texas Open in San Antonio a couple of week's ago when he found himself in trouble caddying in the heavy heat and humidity there while working for Spike McRoy.  Here's the story and some good advice from Hollywood! 

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- 'From the Dashboard' of tour caddy Randall 'Hollywood' Watts!

                                                                                             Story by Randall Watts 05/26/10

                                                                                           Heat Exhaustion and You!

It is rapidly coming up on summer and the hottest stretch of the PGA Tour. As caddies we routinely see people in the gallery (and occasionally our own brethren) "go down" The thing is, you never expect to be the one on the slab!

A couple of weeks ago San Antonio was hella-hot and although I thought I was in caddie shape the heat overwhelmed me and it was my turn in the box, taken off the course at the turn.  My player Spike McRoy who has GOT to be one of the greatest guys on earth could tell I was in trouble even when I couldn't. Talking gibberish was his first sign and I was having trouble with feeling in my extremities. Dropped the yardage book more than once.

The PGA events are staffed with top notch medical personnel. I could easily have been one of the Tours stars with snakebite, anyway, they don't fool around. Immediately upon checking out my vitals the Dr. in charge suggested I be transported via ambulance to a nearby ER.  So that is what we did.

Blood pressure was sky high and ditto my temperature. I thought I had ingested plenty of fluids but apparently not. As soon as IV fluids were administered I began to quickly recover.  After a night of observation I was released and am now back in oh so cool Oregon.

But to all my caddie brothers and to recreational golfers who might read this:

All that stuff you hear about drinking plenty of fluids? They are for real.Even if you aren't thirsty, drink anyway.  Caddies, if you get to a tee and have time submerge your arms all the way up to the elbow in the ice chest. This can bring your core temperature down immediately. And if you feel funny, let someone know.

My ordeal was about a 12 hour affair and I let Spike know the night before that I felt funny so even though the pros get their jollies sometimes beating on us there isn't one I can think of who wouldn't help you out in a crises so if you ever feel like you gotta say "uncle" go ahead and say it. There will be another day.

On a personal note I appreciate your concerns and well wishes and thanks to Tim West for passing along the news that rumors of my permanent demise were slightly exaggerated.  Good luck in the weeks to come, drink water and take care of yourselves.  I want to see you guys in Reno where it should be REALLY hot!


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