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Mark Huber is a professional caddy currently working on the PGA Tour's Champions golf tour for Bob Gilder.   He's been caddying on the PGA Tour since 1988 and worked for over 70 different players on every tour over the years.   His main 'bags' were Bob Murphy, Doug Tewell, Raymond Floyd, Larry Rinker, Greg Twiggs, and Robert Gamez.  He's also 'looped' for Tom Watson, Curtis Strange, and Larry Nelson to name a notable few, plus countless other players on the PGA, Nationwide, LPGA, and Champions golf tours.   Mark has accumulated twenty wins and countless experiences during his tour caddy career and you can read more from Mark by clicking here at -  Mark's Kaddy Korner. 

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Mark Huber 08/26/13
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'Kaddy Korner Boeing Classic: Champions Tour:

II was still in the air flying over Mt. Rainier when Bob walked onto the range. We were supposed to meet at nine, I didn't get there till 11:30. He was surrounded by club reps, they were testing new utility clubs, drivers, tweaking his swing a bit and enjoying the Cascade mountains scenery. Players start changing clubs first then the progression is a caddy switch, a late arrival doesn't help, he understood, but a caddy should never disrupt his player's schedule.

The plan was to be cozied up at the Sunset Motel in North Bend, either on a caddy's floor or in the back of my borrowed Ford Explorer then checking into my room early Tuesday before meeting Bob. Delta screwed that all up but we made the best of it, I guess, you have to roll with the punches out here.

We've been spoiled this year since Des Moines and the Boeing Classic folks make a special effort. The caddy tent on the practice tee has a large screen TV, couches, two buffet meals a day, a snack assortment to die for (I O.D.'d on beef jerky), way to many volunteers at our beckoned call and a view down the mountains Jeremiah Johnson would enjoy. It's hard to leave every day but the Frontier Saloon or river hike is usually calling at day's end.

We packed up all the clubs and hit the course. Usually we play with Funk and Goodes but my late arrival spoiled the fun, we actually had a very productive but lonely practice round. Bob spent a lot of time testing clubs, chipping, putting and getting mentally prepared for Friday. You could see the year is starting to wear on him and he wants a little rally before he hangs his cleats up. We did a bit of soul searching and had a nice discussion about the state of our game.

Storm and Jo King were on Maui's Black Rock beach 20 years ago and befriended all the caddies. He's a retired longshoreman, they live in a fifth generation home outside Issaquah just up the road from Fall City and the TPC. They introduced me to the Frontier Saloon ten years ago, it's a tour classic, and over the years players, caddies, Golf Channel crew, volunteers have all enjoyed the burgers, beers, music, and farm house atmosphere. The floor tilts a bit and Allan, the owner, chases anyone out who has a hint of "Yuppie" in them. It might be one of the best people watching spots west of the Mississippi.

I spent more time hiking than usual because this gut is starting to get in the way. We had to take a cart so I didn't get my daily exercise. The North Bend/Snoqualmie area provides the best hiking trails on tour and I took advantage each day. Early mornings you can hike thru the meadows outside North Bend with elk all around and in the evening a drive thru Snoqualmie valley past Carnation you can hike along the river then take a refreshing dip outside Oxbow farm. Nobody was watching I hope, I didn't want to get my clothes wet, and the large rocks provided the perfect place for drying off.

We played with four heart surgeons in Wednesday's pro-am. They slipped $30 in my pocket and provided a unique insight into the surgical world. As one doctor was teeing off he told us, "You never want a surgeon working on you who has killed someone, they don't have enough experience." It took us a while to digest that, hopefully I won't end up on the wrong surgery table any time soon.

Bob gave me Thursday off and I took off for Couer d'Alene, ID to visit my brother, Randy, who's been struggling with life the last five years. It was a beautiful five hour drive thru the Cascades and fragrant pasture land in Washington's eastern desert highland farms. The day was long but gave me a chance to ease our family's concern about the new program he's in and what the future may hold. I was tucked in by midnight and ready to go for Friday's first round.

We started slow, 2 over thru the first holes, but brought it back and finished with a 70 tied for eleventh, four shots out of the lead. Bob was steady and positive all day, the 70 could have been a 67 or 68, but there were no complaints. The Scotty Steele memorial Brewer hat must have worked and I should have worn it again Saturday, for whatever reason I didn't and we struggled. It was a roller-coaster round, birdie here bogey there, and we couldn't get our wedges close to the hole. Disaster struck on the par five 15th and short par 4 16th.

We missed the green with wedges in our hand on both holes. He saved par on 15 but doubled 16 then bogied 17 finishing with a smooth 75 and falling 37 places for the event. We played with Rocco and John Huston, both fast players like Bob, but they didn't let the slow pace of play affect them. Somehow we have to overcome the aggravation, I ran out of stories and jokes trying to preoccupy his mind between shots. Rocco and John finished top 10ish and we languished in the middle of the pack.

Our weekend playing partner last week in Endicott, John Riegger, won the Boeing Classic. We were first off last week, tied for DFL, what a difference a week makes and a change of courses. We told John and his caddy, Pete Jordan, a long time tour player, Snoqualmie would be perfect. Jon's an avid hunter, who happens to play some pretty good golf, and runs an outfitting/guide business on 15,000 acres in southern Illinois.

There's all shapes, sizes and personalities out here winning tournaments. I think it's time for a good ol' family guy from Corvallis, OR to win one more then fade into the sunset. Sandy, Mark and I are driving to Calgary thru the Canadian Rockies, it'll be long but beautiful

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