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Powersole ST-7 460 Beta Ti Driver:
(like Taylor Made 460 'R - 7 Series')

-Speed Series
Offset Forged
Beta Titanium
460 CC Driver:
(like 2006 Cobra
Offset only 'hotter'!

-Black Shark MX 460 Forged Titanium Driver
(like 2006 Callaway 460)

-S.E.T. 455
Beta-Ti Driver:
(like Cleveland
Launcher Beta Ti

ST-7 Ti Driver
(like Taylor Made
  'R - 7 Series'

Standard Drivers:

Competition Drivers:

DVF T - 400  Premium Driver:
(Double Vacuum Forged Beta Ti head)

DVF 400 Premium Driver
(Double Vacuum Forged Beta Ti Head)

Hybrid Clubs:

Black Shark MX EZLaunch Hybrid
(like Callaway Heaven Wood Hybrids)

Techpower Elite Hybrid Utlity Woods
(like the Taylor Made Hybrids)


Contender 3-Ball 'Blade
(like Oddysey '3 Ball' blade putter)

Contender 2 - Ball 

(like Oddysey 2 Ball' putter)

Contender Red Blade
(like Taylor Made 'Rossa')

TP Polymer Faced
(like Titleist 'Scotty Cameron' putter)

Iron Sets:

Black Shark MX-7 irons 
(like Callaway 'Big Bertha X-18 irons')

TP Forged irons
(like Taylor Made forged irons)

Black Shark MX irons 

(like Callaway 'Big Bertha' irons)

Fairway Woods

3 -5 Woods
(like Callaway 'Big Bertha' line)

Sand Wedges

Oil Can Sand Wedges -56, 52, 60 degrees
(like Titleist)

Gunmetal Sand Wedges --56, 52, 60 degrees
(like Cleveland)
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DVD 3 Pack: - The Ben Hogan Collection:

Free Shipping;    Called "a private lesson from one of the greatest golfers ever known," this three-DVD set reveals newly discovered footage of many Ben Hogan golf swings. The Ben Hogan Legacy is an in-depth documentary featuring family, friends, and icons like Jack Nicklaus, Ken Venturi and Butch Harmon. The Swing Revealed 1 and The Swing Revealed 2 feature extensive analysis from world-renowned teaching professional Jim McLean. Includes The Swing Revealed Interactive CD for computer users to easily view and control the speed of several Hogan swings.

$54.99 - Includes Free Shipping Continental U.S.A.!

 Scroll the page to see all the of these Classic Golf Instruction DVD's available!

DVD: - Hogan vs. Snead - Shell's Wonderful World of Golf:

Free Shipping; It was a rare privilege and a splendid experience to see Ben Hogan and Sam Snead in head-to-head competition, however that’s what occurred at the Houston Country Club in 1964. For the first time in over 30 years, watching these titans of the game is now possible for golf fans with this DVD video release of the classic Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf match between Ben Hogan and Sam Snead.

4.99 - Includes Free Shipping Continental U.S.A.!



Free Shipping; Using never before seen footage of Sam in his prime, you will learn the secrets that can turn your swing into a swing for a lifetime. For the first time in the history of the game, acclaimed teaching professional Jim McLean analyzes one of the greatest swings of all time with the legend himself, Sam Snead. McLean and Snead discuss aspects of the game and demonstrate Snead's approach to golf.

$37.99 - Includes Free Shipping Continental U.S.A.!


DVD Set: Bobby Jones: How I Play Golf:

Free Shipping: New re-mastered  3 DVD Set featuring all 18 episodes of “How I Play Golf” and “How To Break 90”; a DVD Chapter Description Booklet; a Bobby Jones in Hollywood 8-page Color Booklet. Bobby Jones enters the digital age for the first time ever with the release of the most famous golf instructional films ever made, “How I Play Golf” and “How To Break 90”. Golf enthusiasts will enjoy more than 3 full hours of 18 timeless instructions from the game’s most cherished name. These films are considered a mainstay of the game. Bobby teaches both the fundamentals and the nuances of the game to some of Hollywood’s most recognized names including W.C. Fields, James Cagney, Edward G. Robinson, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Loretta Young and many more. Each episode starts with a humorous skit featuring the actors and then Dr. Jones steps in to solve the problem. The first part of the 12-episode series “How I Play Golf” was filmed and produced by Warner Bros. in 1931, just after Bobby Jones won the heralded “Grand Slam”. The initial series was a hit and Warner invited Bobby back to Hollywood in 1933 to create an additional 6-episode series called “How To Break 90”. All of these episodes are included in this new DVD release.

  Now Only $87.99! - Includes Free Shipping Continental U.S.A.!
*Note no longer available in collectors tin box (Pictured Above left):


DVD: Ben Hogan: In Pursuit of Perfection:  

Free Shipping: Clem Darracott was an ordinary man with an extraordinary hero… and an 8mm home movie camera. Exceeding his expectations of hoping catch Hogan on film, Ben Hogan permitting this amateur to take footage on the practice range and follow him out on the course. Now you, too, can see Ben Hogan in this DVD that has the orginal video's charm and home spun style. No Hollywood slickness here – just Hogan through the eyes, and camera, of a true fan. This truly is a collector’s item for every Ben Hogan enthusiast and an excellent training film for any golfer intent on deciphering the swing of the greatest golfer of all time.

$35.99 - Includes Free Shipping Continental U.S.A.!



Free Shipping: Jim McLean has worked with many of the best PGA Tour Professionals but his dedication to the Amateur player is what sets him apart. His reputation as one of the premier instructors in the game is enhanced even more as he breaks down the fundamentals of Ben Hogan’s golf swing. Using never-before-seen footage, he explains step-by-step the elements that makes Hogan’s swing, one of the greatest, if not the greatest of all time. Some of the game’s best players have commented on Ben Hogan. They include: Gary Player, “Hogan knew the most about the golf swing.” Ken Venturi, “Hogan was the greatest course manager I’ve ever seen.” Ben Crenshaw, “Hogan had one of the greatest set-ups you ever saw.” Now, Jim McLean simplifies the mechanics of Ben Hogan’s legendary swing, and guides you through the masterful Hogan technique that will help golfers of all skill levels to improve their game.  

$38.99 - Includes Free Shipping Continental U.S.A.!


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