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Practice putting at home indoors & get ready to improve your game!

Finally there is an authentic, roll away, portable, indoor putting green!  Unlike any other putting green on the market, the BirdieBall Putting Green replicates the roll of the golf ball exactly like the roll on a real putting green.  The feel is exactly like a natural  green.

The Bi-Directional Putting Green is engineered with a natural-like grain. You have the ability to practice putts both going into the grain (resulting in a slower putt) as well as going with the grain (resulting in a faster putt). The bi-directional putting greens come with cups on both ends of the green, so you can utilize both sides of the grain. Putt into the grain towards the two cups, then turn around and putt with the grain towards the cup on the other end!

Practice straight, downhill, uphill, right-to-left and left-to-right putts. The possibilities are endless. Whether you're a beginner or have been playing for years the BirdieBall Indoor Putting Green is ideal for your indoor practice putting needs.

Other "drop-in-the-hole" putting greens that require a "base" are very expensive. But with our putting green technology, now you can roll out the green, experience putting the way real greens roll, and put it away when you’re done. And as an added bonus, our greens cost about 1/10th of the price of other at-home putting surfaces.


SPECIAL OFFER - get a FREE Draw String Carry Bag and FREE Shipping ( we ship to the Continental USA only ) with your order.


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Showing all 2 results