Birdieball Indoor Bi-Directional Putting Green – 4 x 10


Product Description


The 2 piece extraction flag and cup work in tandem to stop the ball at the cup. When the golf ball drops into the cup, the base of the flag dampens the roll. The cup underneath stabilizes the flag.  Plus, when the ball(s) drop into the cup you simply pick up the flag stick, and dump the balls out. Just like the flags on the practice green at your local course.

Stimp is a standardized measurement of how far, in feet, a golf ball rolls on a green. BirdieBall greens are stimp controlled! We suggest the 10-11 foot speed green in this offer as it has been tested and proven to be the optimum speed for the beginner or low handicap player to practice putting on. With grain in both directions you can speed up or slow down the green using a smooth push broom. 

If you require a faster 11-13 foot championship green speed or a slightly slower green speed, on the Checkout page, at the bottom of the left hand column there is a section called Order Notes to enter your request. 

We will contact at you at the e-mail address you enter in your Checkout information to confirm the order and about any special speed requests. If we do not hear back from you we will ship the 10-11 foot speed green.

Here is what you will get with your order:

Included with your Birdieball Bi-Directional 4 x 10 Indoor Putting Green order are:

  • 2 regular cups, 1 high-back cup (for extra firm putts), and 3 extraction flags

  • 2 holes configured at one end of the green; 12” from the end  and 1 hole configured at the opposite end 18” from the end
  • Hole Plugs for each hole on the green. Plug up one or more, so you can choose the number of open holes at any given time.

  • Rubber End Bumpers to stop the ball from rolling off the end.

  • One “Snake” Shim to place under the green to create breaks and contours

  • Hole Raising Shim to make the hole a full 1” thick – Watch your ball disappear when you drain a putt!

  • Hole Reduction Insert making the hole 2 ½” in diameter

  • Everything fits neatly into the Free Draw String Carry Bag and you get Free Shipping  (We ship to Continental USA Only)
  • Watch the video to see your green and everything that is in the box.



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