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The world of tour caddying and professional golf was deeply saddened upon hearing the news of the tragic passing of Stevie Duplantis.  I got the news late Weds. (Jan. 23rd) night after traveling all day back to Atlanta from a trip to the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando FL. 

I was floored.  It is at times like these that it makes you stop and think about how short and precious life really is.  All the caddies on tour will tell you how lucky they are to be doing what we get to do every day. To travel the country and the world and be the right hand man in a professional sport that we all love - we know that is in itself a privilege and we are all family in this traveling road show.  Steve was one of our brothers in that family.  

He was a fine person and one hell of a caddy who cut his own path in a very competitive and at times cut throat business.  Steve lived a full life.  He was a passionate guy who kept us all entertained both on and off the golf course.  At this time we grieve along with his immediate family for the untimely and tragic passing of this fine young man.                                        Obit by Bob Whitbread

Duplantis 'Broke the Mold'
- On the Passing of tour caddy Steve Duplantis

by Randall 'Hollywood' Watts

It is often said when referring to an individual that, "when they made him, they broke the mold". This might never have been more true regarding Steve DuPlantis.  Steve was the first caddie whoever caught my eye. I was happy as a lark club caddying at East Lake in 1999 when, one Dull Sunday, while watching the 1999 Kemper Steve Duplantis literally whipped Rich Beem to victory.  (In photo (left) courtesy of J/Gund SI). Seeing what I saw that day made me wonder, "Do you think you could do that?"  It was a pivotal moment in my life. This Duplantis miracle dovetailed with my meeting the also great and late Grady and, against all odds, at age 40, the next year I was caddying in the Professional ranks.  So could I ever live up to what I saw Stevie do with Beem in 1999? Hell no, I could not touch Steve as a caddie. Not hardly.  But that moment in time was my inspiration.  As an bon vivant.  'I wan't even in the same league'! 

One of the  best stories involved his arrival in a cab at the old Chrysler at Innisbrook, buck naked save for a beach towel.  Allegedly he had no pants, shirt, wallet, car.  It was a total fubar. The fact that he found a cabbie to take him to Innisbrook in a beach towel and no money, is nothing short of miraculous. Most caddies would have been fired if they had showed up in top hat and tails but Garrett Willis (Steve's player that week) immediately bought him clothes so they could go get busy on the course. That is how valuable Steve Dupantis was to a player.

 So valuable was Steve.......

Anyone who would like to read more about the one and only Steve Duplantis, I refer to "Bud. Sweat, and Tees" by Sports Illustrated columnnist Alan Shipnuck. Basically it followed a year in the career of
Rich Beem but, not surprisingly, Stevie stole the narrative and the show.

I will never forget that, despite our status, he treated me as his equal.  Always had a kind word. Would laugh at a corny joke.

I go to Pebble Beach in two weeks. I Had looked forward to this but now, can't imagine the atmosphere without a Stevie - heck I'm glad I'm not at Buick this week.

With apologies to the Charlie Daniels Band I will quote a few lines from a song they wrote about the untimely death of Lynard Skynyrd's front man Ronnie Van Zandt:

"So say it loud and lit it ring
That we're all part of everything
The present, future and the past,
Fly on, Proud Bird, you are free at last.

Stevie, you will always be missed!

Randall Watts, - "Hollywood"!

Randall 'Hollywood' Watts covers basketball for a local paper in his native Alabama in the winter, caddies for Spike McRoy on the PGA Tour and spends his summers as a caddy at Bandon Dunes Resort in Oregon.

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