Cypress Point
 Golf Club 

Par 4 -17th Hole:

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A view from the 17th fairway at the Cypress Point Golf Club looking back to the tee in distance.  It's another short stretch of ocean to carry but the Pacific  borders the hole all down the right side and into the green there (in the picture below):

In the picture (below) the perfect placement of the tee shot on 17 is to the right of this cluster of cypress trees in the fairway (picture below) and is again a simple use of brilliant natural terrain while retaining the natural beauty of the golf hole by MacKenzie.   This is a good look of the second shot into the green there:

If you fail to take it down the right side off the tee then you are better off way left or back behind this group of cypress trees in order to hit your second shot into the 17th green there.  (In picture below)

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