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Here's an overview of the TRAV-A-LITE Ultima II, the TRAV-A-LITE 14, and the TRAV-A-LITE 9 model golf bags available on this page.  To go to the product detail for each golf bag, just Click on the pictures below (or 'bag links' bottom right hand of this page) You'll then see a detailed product information page with our Caddybytes special price and ordering info.  Just Click on the TRAV-A-LITE bag picture you're interested in to see product detail & ordering info:

$94.99 to your door!

$129.99 to your door!

$144.99 to your door!

TRAV-A-LITE golf bags offer all the benefits of a golf bag while eliminating the need for a cumbersome hard travel cover when you take it 'on the road' with you!  All three models have these features: They are light weight They all protect your golf club(s) investment Accommodate 47 drivers Fit over-size grips All have locking lids with keyed club security Lightweight and rugged Eliminates liability waivers at airport counters Made of HDPE for the ultimate durability during travel Can easily fit in car trunks and airline luggage compartments   Amongst the three bags you see there are some differences:

The TRAV-A-LITE Ultima II is a full sized golf/travel/play bag at 7 and 1/2 inch diameter, a locking lid -two full length padded dividers that holds 14 clubs  -plus a ball retriever or umbrella and will hold drivers up to 47 and 1/2 inches.  The Ultima II also comes with an airport carry strap and wheels for ease of travel.

-the design is a little smaller inside than the Ultima II at 6.4 inches.  The divider is a padded bar across the mouth of the bag only.  Removable accessory pouch for balls is included.  (Wheels not available)

TRAV-A-LITE 9 offers all the same great design features, in an even smaller inside diameter of 5.25 inches and holds 8 to 9 clubs.  The "9" is meant for those who want to carry an even lighter bag that's even more travel friendly bringing a 'split' set of golf clubs.

Just click on the links to the bags or the pictures of the bags to see product details and ordering info!

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