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Featured 18th Hole:

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Our Caddybytes.com 'Featured Hole of the Week' at this week's 2005 Chrysler Tucson Classic golf tournament is of the difficult and often pivotal Par Four 18th hole at the Omni Tucson National Resort.  This tournament is being played opposite the World Tour Match Play event in Carlsbad California.  There is still a quality field playing every year in Tucson Open which had the likes of a hot John Daly, Billy Mayfair, Jeff Maggert (World Tour Match Play winner in Carlsbad three years ago), and other veterans like Tom Lehman,  as well as many up and coming new young players in the 2004 event.  Here is our Featured 18th Hole of the Week from the Omni Tucson National Resort golf course -annual home to the Tucson Open golf tournament on the PGA Tour's West Coast Swing!

Here is a view of the tee shot off this 465 yard par four finishing 18th hole at the Omni Tucson National Golf Resort -home of this weeks Chrysler Tucson Open!

This view in the pix (left) is off the tee shot and over the lake to the right in the pix.

Depending upon the playing conditions this hole can be a driver or a three wood off the tee.  If the conditions are hard and fast you must play down the middle or right center to avoid hitting it in the lake that is to the left through the fairway off the tee.

This week it's a return of some rain early in the week but the desert will dry out fast.  Another storm may be due in here on Friday, but you never know this time of year whether or not it gets in to Tucson.  (Known for 300 some odd days of sunlight out of 365!)

This tee shot is tough into a cold wind, and just as tough dry with the wind behind given the water in play off the tee both right and left!

This 'Signature' 18th hole at the Tucson Open has trouble down the left side off the tee if you play away from the lake right off the tee or pull or hook your tee shot.  

There is a willow tree at 280 yards left off the tee and you can see the red hazard stakes in the pix (right) where it is 295 yards to get it in this lake.  

One other problem with this tee shot is that the fairway is mounded in the middle off the tee and slopes and repels a drive left here and forward into the lake.

So you really need to take into account the conditions here before selecting the target and club that you play off this tee shot

Here's a closer look at that right side carry off the tee shot.  It's just about 300 yards to carry the water here just about where the camera is standing in this picture (left).

It's just about 240 yards from the tee to carry the lake to where it first crosses into the fairway on a 'safer route' there.

So you can see why there is a tendency to 'guard' away from this lake towards the left with your tee ball, particularly if the player is having any difficulty with the driver this week here.

The other problem you encounter if you lay your tee shot back too far then is that you are faced with a long to mid iron second shot uphill to a, firm, and severely sloping (back to front), green.

Here's a view of the  second shot up the hill into this gem of a finishing golf hole from the green looking back to the fairway.  

Here you can see the ideal area from which the playing professional would elect to play the 'safe' second shot from.  

It's usually a three wood to here unless the wind is into the player's face.  Although this is now an 'off' event being played against the world tour match play championship they have no hole tougher at La Costa this week than this beauty.

It's a risk reward hole for sure with the well placed tee shot a must and a second shot played below a severely sloped green into this tough par four finishing hole!

Our final view (left) is of a shot from behind the 18th green and looking back down the fairway to the second shot and tee shot landing area.

Here it is easy to see the potential dilemma that faces a player off the tee.  Imagine coming into this golf hole with a one shot lead that you need to 'protect' and have to face this 'beauty' of a finishing hole!

Should the pin be the 'traditional' front left and you should have to hit it up into the 'fat' right of the green, then you are faced with a treacherous, and diabolically fast and severely breaking putt to get down in two for your par four and a win!

There almost as many bogey's made then pars (never mind the 'others) -on this tough finishing hole at Tucson National.  Who will master this tough finishing hole at the 2005 Chrysler Tucson Classic and emerge as the winner?  Stay tuned the last week of February to find out!

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