Welcome to CaddyBytes.com!

CaddyBytes was originally created in 2002 as an attempt to celebrate the Tour Caddies of Professional golf.  That endeavor ended after what was my  second stint of full time caddying on tour - a 16 consecutive year stretch that began in 1990 and ended in  2007.  Most of the good content was created back then in a 6 year period of time.   Recently I found some time to revamp the old site save the good content and cull the rest.  I will attempt to continue to do more including this revamp which will be small device friendly unlike the older design tools we made her with back then.  CaddyBytes was a pioneer attempt as a first in a Tour Caddie Website - that is now being carried forth via the current tour caddie website at The Caddie Network - if you are looking exclusively for that content.   Stay tuned and check back with us from time to time as we evolve it along. She'll always be caddie friendly only with an added twist or two.   Thanks.  Bob
Over the years I was blessed to develope many great friendships with professional golfers caddies and regular staff members. My interviews and 'Haul' of Fame were an attempt to pay tribute to some of the great caddies of the game whom i met and became friends with as well as other rank and file caddies not so well known. I will preserve and continue to add to that content going forward and still available on CaddyBytes.com.
The Slide Shows are hole by hole images taken in preparation for each weeks' tournament either on a Sunday Monday or Tuesday as part of my individual golf course 'homework'. And was just one part of the necessary preparation to be done before the actual beginning tournament start each and every Thursday of tournament week. Being able to accurately portray the holes and shots upcoming in your minds eye can be relevant as you move through the day and throughout each days round. In CaddyBytes I made that all available in the form of Slide Shows so that every fan of golf might get a birds eye view of the individual key finishing holes on a given week. Many are high quality digital pictures of great championship golf courses. As a visitor to CaddyBytes you can look forward to seeing that great content preserved and still available going forward.