'Phoenix' Open

TPC Scottsdale
Featured Par 5 
15th Hole:

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Welcome to our 'Featured Hole of The Week', the par five 15th Hole at the TPC Scottsdale, site of this years 2008 Phoenix FBR Open!   

The 15th hole is a very reachable 501 yard par 5 hole -with a second or third shot to an island green.  As you can see depicted in the hole sign on 15 (left)  

There is a $10,000 bonus from Buick for the golf professional closest to the hole in two on the weekend.  

This hole frequently plays downwind in the tournament making it very reachable with eagle three always a possibility.  

There is water all down the left side and surrounding an island green.

In the picture (right), depicted is the area of rough and desert should you miss the fairway to the right off the tee.  

Just up and beyond the small scruffy trees you see on the upper right of this photo, is the area where Tiger Woods hit his tee shot a few years ago at the Phoenix Open when he had a small lead at the time. 

His drive was something like 380 yards sitting on desert hardpan, where he hit an 8 iron to 10 feet and made the eagle to help him eventually lock down the win.  

(That's the same year the fans moved the boulder -(largest 'loose impediment' ever removed on the PGA Tour.)  -on the par 5 13th hole, in the same tournament!

This is what the left side landing area looks like off the tee.  

This is as far left off the tee that you can safely be, with the water all down and along the left side of the tee shot, ending here at 316 yards through the fairway (just right of the red stake and still in the fairway cut of grass in this pix left)  

If a golf professional should turn it over (draw or hook the tee shot) down wind, and catch the hole playing hard and fast, as it usually will be in an afternoon round, this left side run out is in play.  

And that is why Tiger hit his 380 yard drive down the right side that year.  

This trouble on the left side is why you will see some errant 'protected' tee shots in the right rough or worse yet in the desert off the tee.

Here's a good look into the green from just in front of the water and a little to the right of the layup area for the desired third shot if you can't go for the green in two.  

There is about 15 yards of fairway over the water and just in front of the green to land your long second shot to.  (In left foreground of photo)  

And the green is guarded by water in front, right, and left.  It's also guarded by the small pot bunker preventing a  right front entrance-way into the green.    

So with the right conditions this is a potential eagle hole for the pro's playing well this week!
Here's a view of the green from above and to the right of the 'island' 15th green.  

You also get a good view of the steepness of the banking around the sides and back of the green which will help to protect those corner pin positions.   

A mid iron into this green off a tee shot from the fairway with a good lie is a 'piece of cake' for these professionals today.  A two or three iron or 5 wood say from 235 yards or so, not quite as easy.  

A lot depends on where you stand in relation to par, how well your players swinging, the lie that you catch in the fairway, the wind conditions and so forth.  

This golf hole is one of the reasons they historically shoot so low here at the Phoenix Open on the TPC of Scottsdale, with the best players in the world, on greens relatively flat and true.  It's desert golf at it's best here this week!  

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