Royal St. George's
Holes of the 2003 & 2011
British Open:

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Welcome to our virtual tour in pictures of Royal St. George's Golf Club, holes 13 through 18 -for the 2003 & 2011 British Open Championship.  After Henry Cotton won the British Open at Royal St. George's in 1949 there was a long gap of time until she was used again in the British Open rotation and not until 1981 when Bill Roger's won, was it again played at this venue.  Reason being it was far on the southeast coast of Britain and sitting obscuring along the coast outside the village of Sandwich, where there wasn't thought to be the necessary access and facilities to hold a modern day British Open Championship.  The Open was played here in 1985 when Sandy Lyle won and again in 1993 when Greg Norman won his second British Open.   This golf course is a throw-back to the old style of links golf courses of 20 or so years ago.  The fairways and immediate rough are minimally watered and dry like the British Open's dating back to the 1970's.  The fairways are very narrow and mounded kicking tee shots freely into the primary and secondary cuts of rough, where a player's lie can be in the thick stuff or the 'dry and wispy'.  And along side the English Channel as the tide changes each day so comes the wind! 

 This  tee shot view of the long, 459
yard par four 13th hole at Royal St. George's Golf Club, home of the 2003 British Open Championship!

These bunkers in the pix right are 257 and 283 respectively off the tee far in the distance.  And it's very narrow -maybe 20 yards between the bunkers. (as are all the landing area's here at Royal St. George's), with the fairway's hard and fast.

There's also a bunker down the left side opposite the long one in this picture making the tee shot exacting.  To get home from the bunkers or the rough will require only a good lie with the ball sitting well.

On Friday, 36 hole leader Davis Love hit an iron into the left rough and was unable to reach the green with his second shot.

Here's the second shot view into the 13th green at Royal St. George's Golf Club.  

The play here can be a long iron off the tee or a driver through the narrow gap of bunkers.

Darren Clarke, playing along side Davis Love here on Friday drove his golf ball into the first of the three bunker's in the picture (left), a drive of approximately 350 yards!

The fairway's are that hard and fast!

This 13th green is long (45 yards deep) and narrow and is bunkered only in the right short front and left short front as well.

This allows you to run a shot into the green here -link's style -but will rebound the shot right or left off of the long ridge that runs down the center of the green.  (In pix right)

Both Tiger Wood's and Davis Love bogied this hole on Thursday and Friday, respectively.
This tee shot view in the distance (picture left) of the long 550 yard par 5 14th hole.

In a practice round with no wind, Tiger played this one with a two iron off the tee -it's 322 to the run out into the cross Bern hazard off the tee shot.  And he then played a three iron and short pitch.

On Thursday, Tiger pulled his tee shot left into the hay, tried to play over the Bern with his second but moved it only 20 or so yards and worked very hard for his bogey six after that.

Meanwhile in Friday's round, Davis Love's drive hit an out of bounds post and kicked left back in bounds on his way to a par five. 

This is a picture of the left edge of the 14th hole's cross hazard or Bern as it is called in the British Isles. 

If it's down wind then the play is a long iron off the tee.  Playing into the wind the first two days, (15 to 30 mph) has been requiring the professional's to hit there driver's so far this week.

It's still a good 230 to 240 yards to the front of the green from this side of the hazard.  The lay-up shot requires properly negotiating the bunkers you see in the distance and in the next picture (below). 

This is a good look of the 14th fairway's bunkering on the way to the green (in picture left) and which must be negotiated on the lay-up for a short iron third shot on this long par five hole.

The first bunker on the left is only 85 yards to the front of the green with the right two being only 67 yards from the green.

So a good lay-up would be to avoid the two positioning your second shot between them for a short and 'scorable' third.
This is a picture of the 14th green looking back down the fairway to the tee right of the big house in the distance (in picture right).

You can see how close the out of bounds stakes are all down the right side and including off the tee shot as well.

Typical of links designs, you can't see any of the bunkers when you look back down the hole!  Where have they gone?

It's a trick of the Scots and notable of early designed links golf courses!

The 14th green is 33 yards deep and guarded by mounding and two 'pot' bunkers into the left front of the green as well. 

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