2003 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic

Winning Caddy Interview:

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Here was our interview with Brennan Little after the win at the 2003 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic in Palm Springs.  They went on to win in a playoff at the L.A. open and again in 2003 at Augusta!  

Brennan Little is in his fifth year caddying for his player Mike Weir on the PGA Tour.  Brennan played junior golf and Canadian tour events hailing from St. Thomas, Ontario Canada, and knew Mike and had played competitively with him since their junior golf days.  They have four wins together (three previous to this weeks win at the Hope).  Together they've won the 1999 Air Canada Championship in Vancouver, B.C.; The 2000 World Championship in Valderamma, Spain; The 2000 PGA Tour season ending Tour Championship at the Champions Golf Club in Houston; and their fourth win here at the 2003 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic.  Here is our Caddybytes.com interview with Brennan about Sunday's win in the desert.

-When you guys teed off in the final group paired with Jay Haas, and the 54 hole leader Tim Herron in Sunday's final round at the Bob Hope the wind was blowing pretty hard.  How tough was it out there picking a club? 

Brennan -Like on the first hole we're into a gale and when we get out to our second shot it's suddenly dead calm.  Wind was on and off, some shots would be a 2 to 3 club wind and then other shots maybe a half to a one club wind, so it varied.   

CaddyBytes.com -So you have that kind of sheltering.  How about Lumpy's play on 16 where Tim made a quadruple bogey 8, what happened there?  Did the wind effect his play there?

Brennan -We were one back of Haas and tied with Lumpy.  Tim Herron is first to hit.  We can't really feel any wind.  And it's a tricky lay-up tee shot as you know, with a 240 carry over that grassy knob on the right fairway and bunkers left.  Tim hit a three iron which we thought would have been the correct club.  Instead it was really downwind and you couldn't feel that up against those rocks there (mountains) and it went 270 yards through the fairway there into the bunker.  

CaddyBytes.com -So you birdied 16 and Jay Haas birdies 16, and Lumpy is now effectively out of the running with his quad.  So you're one shot back and birdie the short par three 17th hole to tie Jay for the lead.  How long was Mike's putt on 17?

-The pin was back left and hit it 20 feet right of the hole and he made it.  Jay had a chip from the fringe and almost made it -right over the edge of the hole. 

CaddyBytes.com -So Jay Haas is playing really good golf all the way around?  And he has his old time tour caddy, Billy Harmon, on the the bag. (Now the head pro at Big Horn in Palm Springs and one of the Harmon brothers, brother of Butch, both nephews to Claude Harmon fame)  So how do you play # 18 at PGA West, you are hitting first now tied for the lead on our 'Featured Hole' for the week there?

-We hit the tee shot just over the knob on the right side of the fairway with about 200 yards left to a front pin on the down slope.  Jay Haas is just about 5 yards past us and to our left on a perfectly flat lie.  

CaddyBytes.com -So he's got go zone to the green and you guys don't have a good lie, as it's sloping forward with a forced carry over the water there to a front pin, so you have to lay-up?

-For us it would have been a perfect four iron, but the last thing you want to do is hit it over the back with the pin on the front of the green just 7 yards on.  (You can see in our hole analysis with pix on Caddybytes.com of the Bob Hope 'Featured Hole' that the green is very deep at 48 yards)  And his wedge play had been very good all week so there was no reason to not lay-up.

CaddyBytes.com -So you hit first and have to lay-up with Jay Haas sitting there with a 'lick your chops' 4 iron shot to the par five hole and what looks like a certain four for him.  Instead he hits it in the water.  What was your assessment there of Jay's play.  Did he not hit a good shot or did the wind get it?

-He just didn't hit a very good shot.  I think he only had 195 to the hole with the wind left to right helping and he just didn't catch all of it.

CaddyBytes.com -So Jay has to play four out of the hazard and you guys wedging in there with your third.  How did that go?

-Jay takes a drop hits it to the front of the green and it spins back to the fringe to about 20 feet and that's still a make able shot as well as Jay's playing and he almost holed a chip about that length on the previous hole, so we needed to hit a good shot in there.  We've got 85 yards and he's just got a little sand wedge and hits a great shot to about 7 feet.  Jay chips and misses it, taps in for six, and then we can two putt and win, and Mike makes his birdie putt, so instead we win by two.

CaddyBytes.com -I saw that you guys shot 67 the last day -that was a good round in the wind there Sunday.  You guys were coming of a bit of a down year and you come out in Phoenix and top ten, and now you win your second week out.  What was the problem last year?

-The first week was a pretty big week because we didn't even have a top ten all year last year.  He worked really hard in the off season.  To come out in your first week after three months off that was really big.

CaddyBytes.com -So Mike went through some swing changes last year, what was the problem?  

-it started out putting problems, then  questioning himself, then he got a little bit too mechanical.  He really wanted to improve his swing and made some great changes but he had trouble in taking it out to the golf course.  But I think he's a better player for the changes he made.

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