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Stewart Logan is a veteran caddy of some 40 or so years.  As a professional caddy in Scotland, Europe, and the U.S., Stewart had wins in five decades in Europe in the 1960's and '70's, as well as in the 1980's and '90's in the U.S.  Stewart caddied for Dave Barr of the Canadian team which upset the American team at St. Andrews in 1994. Stewart also caddied on three Ryder Cup teams for Europe in the days when the Americans clearly had the better players, and was part of the 1969 team that halved the cup against the stronger U.S. team led by Jack Nicklaus. (Inspiring the book -'Dead Heat:  The '69' Ryder Cup Classic', by Paul Trevillion. 

-So how did your first experience as a professional caddy come about?

Stewart –First tournament 1955.  Kilarmon Golf Club in Glasgow.  He shot 66 in the first round.  I couldn't go back to caddy the next day.  I was working.  Bobby Locke played, was the first time that I'd seen Bobby Locke play.  That kind of got me interested  and I went down to Manchester, England to find work in my trade.   I'm an engineer by trade, bus and diesel engines.  

CaddyBytes.com -"O.K. so then you ended up in England, and what was your next experience in the golf world?"

-In 1962 I was unemployed and went to Cheshire -Dunham Forest Golf Club, and I met Alex Hay there.  Caddied there the next 8 years, in between I went to some pro tournaments.  I went out to a tournament in the West of England to caddy and I got to work for a young Tony Jacklin -he was just 19 years old.  I caddied the first round for Tony Jacklin and he shot 66.  I was walking down the street and a pro was just coming in to play  Headley Muscroft asked me to caddy for him in the afternoon so I did and he shot 68. Did the same thing in reverse the next day, 36 each day.  After the cut, I've got Jacklin on 135 and Headley on 138.  I took Jacklin on the weekend and we finished third in the tournament, 1965 -66.  Then I went back to Cheshire Golf Club, and told everyone there, this boys going to win the Open in the next five years, he could really play!  And sure enough he did!  I was getting a taste for the tournaments around that time, most of the pro golf tournaments were played in the summer in England and Scotland at the time.  

CaddyBytes.com -"So then how did it progress from there with players and tournaments?"

Stewart -I got to work for Bernard Gallagher, he was about 20 years old or so, he was a young star.  I asked him to work for him in the Ryder Cup.  He said he didn't have anyone, so he said I could work for him, at Royal Birkdale.  1969 -We played Lee Trevino in the first match, we were four down after 6 holes to Trevino, and Gallagher looks over at me and says, 'I'm gonna beat this guy!', can you imagine that!?   And he ended up beating him 3 and 2 on the 16th.  That's the first time I met Trevino.

CaddyBytes.com –So were you then on a winning Ryder Cup team in 1969, and any other Ryder Cup Teams?

Stewart–No that was the year that we halved the Ryder Cup, between England and America.   That's where Nicklaus picked up Jacklins ball on the last hole, and Americans were holding the cup, and Jack gave Jacklin a 3 footer on the last hole, even though it meant a halve, the U.S. still retained the Cup!   And I worked the 1973 Ryder Cup for Europe caddying for Maurice Bembridge -we had a big match -36 holes the last day at Muirfield, we tied Jack in the morning, then he beat us two up in the afternoon.  (Stewies picture with Bembridge and Nicklaus appears on the cover of the 1973 Sept, or Oct. issue of Sports Illustrated).  And I worked the 1977 Ryder Cup with Howard Clarke where Lanny Wadkins gave us a drumming.  

CaddyBytes.com –After Gallagher who was then the most prominent player that you caddied for?

Stewart  -That would have to be Maurice Bembridge in 1972.  And we won 5 tournaments together.   The first one was the Martini, at Royal Burgess in Edinbourough.  Then he went on that year we won the Match Play, beat Peter OOsterhuis, we shot 64 the last day to come from 7 shots back to beat Oosti and Tony Jacklin.  Out in 31 and back in 33, only one bogey on his card.  That was a big tournament victory!

CaddyBytes.com –Didn't Maurice Bembridge used to hold the competitive course record at Augusta with a 64 somewhere in the 1960's, only broken in the early '90's by Nick Price?

Stewart–Oh yeah, one thing about Maurice, he could putt.  We won those five tournaments, the Martini, we beat Billy Casper at Gleneagles in a stroke play, that PGA, 
along with three other wins that year.

CaddyBytes.com -So how many wins do you think you had on the European Tour there?

Stewart  -About 8 professionally -plus a British Amateur with Vinny Giles in 1975, beat Mark James in the final.  

CaddyBytes.com -So at about what time did you venture 'across the pond' to America to caddy?

Stewart -that wasn't until 1980, I took one of those Freddy Laker Shuttles, (airlines), across.  100 pound walk on walk off.  Took a taxi to San Diego, and he dropped me off at the golf course at Torrey Pines, and walked around the club house and who do I see but Peter Oosterhuis, and he says to me, "What are you doing here?"  I tell him, and then he asks me if I want to work Pebble Beach the next week, which I gladly did.  I worked for Oosti for about 3 months after that.

CaddyBytes.com -So you caddied over here in U.S. steadily from about 1980 to early '90's. What was you first win in the U.S. and how did that come about?

Stewart -I was at Colonial and working for Dave Ogrin, I was leaving the putting green and Dave Barr asked me would you like to work for me in Atlanta next week?  (I had worked for him a couple times before.)  I said sure and told Dave Ogrin, who wasn't going to play that week and he bought me a ticket to Atlanta.   The funny thing was I'd won with Dave Ogrin about 8 weeks before that at the Deposit Guarantee Classic!  So I go to Atlanta, and we win the tournament.  Dave Barr putted real good that week.  Dave had Teddy, his regular caddy, who had to take off home for some deal with his daughter that week, a graduation I think.

CaddyBytes.com -That was 1987 and May or June in Atlanta - a real 'sweat box'!?  Then you eventually worked for Dave for quite a while full time after Teddy was through caddying for him.  What other 'caddy highlights' did you have with Dave, I know he finished one shot back at Oakmont from a playoff in the U.S. Open once with Teddy on the bag. 

Stewart  -I worked for Dave at the Dunhill Cup.  Any time that the Canadians were invited I worked the Dunhill Cup for Dave.  They were three man teams playing at St. Andrews.  In 1994 our three man team was Rick Gibson, Ray Stewart, and Dave Barr.  We were the underdogs against South Africa, he beat Nick Price in one match.  It was stroke match play tourney.  He beat Bernhard Langer and the last day he beat Tom Kite.  That was a big upset!

CaddyBytes.com -Who were some of the other players you caddied for?  How many British Opens did you work.

Stewart -I worked for many others in Europe, once had Bill Rogers in the Irish Open.  Worked for Maurice Bembridge the first two days when Rogers won the Open.  I once had a shot with Bembridge in the British Open until the last day when Weiskopf won there in 1975.  I worked countless British Opens but never really did anything good there with finishes other than some top tens there.

Stewart is still a spry 65 years old and lives in San Diego, and annually trips home to his native Scotland to see family and try to work the British Open every year.  He caddied two years ago in the British Open at St. Andrews where he missed the cut with Manny Zerman, although Zerman recorded an Albatross on the fifth hole at the Old Course.  Stewart lives in San Diego and loops a couple days a week at the La Costa Golf Resort, and still comes out to tournaments in the U.S. from time to time.

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