2007 PGA Tour
'Q' School Results:

2008 Season Cards:

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2007 PGA Tour
'Q' School Final Results:

2007 PGA Tour
'Q' School Final Results:

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Welcome to our results page from the 2007 PGA Tour Qualifying School.  

Here is the list of the top 25 and ties  -26 in all of Qualifiers from 2007 PGA Tour National Qualifying Tournament (for playing privileges for the 2008 PGA Tour).  

These qualifiers are comprised of finishing top 25 and ties from a field of 167 players over 108 hole tournament completed on December 3, 2007 with the finals played at the Orange County National Resort's Crooked Cat and Panther Lakes golf courses.  

These finishers are eligible to play the 2008 PGA Tour season.  

The #1 finisher and winner of the 2007 PGA Tour's National Qualifying Tournament is Frank Lickliter II top left with the rest of the qualifiers numbered in the order of their finish: 


Positions are approximate  

 where players tied:

1.)   Frank Lickliter II 21.) Tommy Gainey
2.)   Brett Rumford 22.) Richard S. Johnson
3.)   Chris Stroud 23.) John Merrick
4.)   Jin Park 24.) Alejandro Canizares
5.)   Jason Allred 25.) Bob Sowards
6.)   Tag Ridings 26.) David Lutterus
7.)   Yong-Eun Yang
8.)   Todd Demsey
9.)   Brad Adamonis
10.) Travis Perkins
11.) Cody Freeman
12.) Kent Jones
13.) Parker McLachlin
14.) Kenneth Ferrie
15.) Dustin Johnson
16.) Kevin Streelman
17.) Duffy Waldorf
18.) Tim Wilkinson
19.) Jim McGovern
20.) Carlos Franco

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