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Welcome to CaddyBytes tournament page for the 2013 PGA Tour School's National Qualifying golf tournament.  The grueling 108 hole final tournament is to be played over the PGA West Nicklaus Resort and PGA West Stadium golf courses beginning December 11th through 16th 2013. However beginning with this event PGA Tour 'Q' School is no longer. 

It's all a different ball game beginning this year.  No longer does PGA Tour 'Q' School exist any more.  Why?  Because the Old Hogan, then Nike, then Buy.com, then Nationwide, now Web.com tour was losing marketing status since it's inception in 1990.  By reducing 'Q' School to just qualifying for the sub-Web.com tour as well as elevating the autumn events to full FedExCup status the PGA Tour was able to increase the overall value of their product and increase marketability to attract event sponsorship for the main tour and sub tour in the future.  This change was a big selling point to attract Web.com to pick up the sponsorship of the PGA Tour's now Web.com Tour.

The PGA Tour's annual National Qualifying Tournament - now being reduced to just qualifying for Web.com status also closes the shop to getting on tour through 108 holes of a year end qualifying tournament as in the past.  This now forces the participants to compete over a season on the Web.com Tour to attain regular tour status in this new model ending in a four tournament round robin that ultimately will determine who will gain entry into the following season on the PGA Tour.

  And whereby they are forced to compete in the PGA Tour's sub tour in order to ultimately achieve regular playing tour status and access to that market place - whether they are a newbie or veteran who's lost his status and trying to get it back again.  (One can still attain status by getting 7 sponsors exemptions in a calendar year and try to make enough money to match that year's top 125 as Tiger did back in '97 and a few others but that's it.)

So the losers will be the players who used to be able to perform well in 'Q' School in the old format and immediately gain status to play on the regular tour.  Many many aforementioned in the history of golf did so successfully - but not anymore.

Will this change work the way it supposed to as the PGA Tour would like?  Will it be as good as the old format?  One things for sure - this is the present reality like it or not - so only time will tell.

Stay tuned to for Live Scoring stories interviews and  be sure to visit our updated 2013 PGA Tour 'Q' Stage Results, News, and Stories Page:
PGA West Stadium 13th green 'Q' School Finals: Slide Show here:

-Stay Tuned For CaddyBytes.com for live scoring, exclusive pictures, stories, interviews, the week of the 2013 PGA Tour National Qualifying Tournament!




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