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Welcome to our list of collectible books about golf caddies published prior to WW II era.  This book list is meant for the avid golf book collector.  We think it is complete.  If you know of any books about golf caddies that exist that are not listed from this era on this page please email us and we will update! (*To purchase any of these books you will need to contact an antiquarian rare golf book dealer who specializes in golf.  To see about more current golf books about golf caddies which you can buy go to our main books page!)

Bert Edwards The Golf Caddie Horace Hutchinson London John Murray 1903 1st Ed. 257p, cloth, 18.5cm, later printing.

With Club And Caddie, Verses And Parodies -E.M. Griffiths with a few by M.G., B.G. and L.C.H.G. London Gibbings 1909 1st Ed. 117p, cloth, 17cm.

Bumps: The Golf Ball Kid And Little Caddies New York Roycrofters 1929 1st Ed.   Ernest Wild.

Uncle Jed, Caddie Master -Joe Chronicles Philadelphia Privately Printed 1934 1st Ed. 229p, illustrated, cloth, 20cm.

The K.C.G.A. Caddie Book -Price Wickersham and Frank Lander Kansas City Golf Association Kansas City, Missouri 1st Ed. 1921 114p, illustrated, illustrated wrappers, 17.5cm.

Rules For Caddies -Winchester Golf Club Privately Printed 1st Ed. 9p, wrappers, 15cm. Massachusetts 1926

Manual of Caddie Management New York: Metropolitan Golf Association 1932
1st Ed. 24p, wrappers, 23cm.

The Autobiography Of A Caddy-Bag Stancliffe Methuen London 1924 1st Ed. 86p, illustrated boards, 17cm.

Instructions For C addies Melbourne, Australia Victoria Golf Association 1938

A Caddie Of St. Andrews Gilbert Watson Henry Holt N.Y. 1907 1st Ed. 373p, illustrated, decorative cloth, 18.5cm.

Candid Caddies Charles Graves and Henry Longhurst London Duckworth 1935
1st Ed. 120p, illustrated by Bert Thomas, illustrated boards, 21cm, introduction by Bernard Darwin.

Experiences Of A Caddy Edward L. Myers Dorrance Philadelphia 1927 1st Ed. 96p, illustrated by James E. Mathews, Jr., pictorial cloth, 19cm.

Agenda Club, An Enquiry By The Agenda Club Into The Golf Caddy Problem
William Heinemann 1st Ed. 1922

Handbook For Caddies And Members: Teaching the Caddies by Illustrations: telling the members what they really know but frequently disregard.
H. Haas Philadelphia 1922 1st Ed. 31p, illustrated wrappers, 17.5cm.

How To Caddy
Ernest A. Baughman Privately Printed 1914 1st Ed. 27p, wrappers, 15cm.

The Club Toter James Beattie Allied Golf 1929 1st Ed. 16p, illustrated, illustrated wrappers, 17.5cm.

Caddying Erie County Roy Woodbury and Charlotte Laflin Buffalo, N.Y.: Juvenile Protective Department 44p, illustrated, illustrated wrappers, 23cm. 1st Ed. 1935

Norfolk’s Caddie Poet: His Autobiography, Impressions and Some of His Verses. Fred Stibbons Norfolk, England Rounce and Wortley 1923 1st Ed.
79, illustrated wrappers, 20cm, introduction by Sir

The Way Of A Caddie With A Man
-R.H. Davis New York United States Rubber 1926 1st Ed. 12p, wrappers, 16cm.

The Duties Of A Caddie London Silverstone 1932

Caddy Manual Charles (Chick) Evans Jr. Norbert Hackett 1928 1st Ed. 32p, illustrated, illustrated wrappers, 16cm.

Golf Service Book For Caddies And Members Philadelphia Lippincott 1922

The Gordon Caddie Guide Charles A. Gordon Detroit, Michigan Privately Printed 1921 1st Ed. 112p, cloth, 14.5cm.

Correct Caddy Conduct, What To Know And Do and Why Thomas Gribbin Philadelphia Privately Printed 1920 1st Ed. 32p, illustrated, wrappers, 13.5cm.

Caddie Manual St. Louis, Missouri Burgess-Mason 1920 1st Ed.

Handbook For Caddies Arthur E. Roberts Cincinnati, Ohio  H.R. Alcorn 1914 1st Ed. 40p, illustrated, illustrated wrappers, 14.5cm, foreword by Chick Evans, later printings.


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